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2014 Soob Legacy going in reverse!

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So , this is odd when I put my car in reverse only does it do this. It does not stall and or really hesitate.  After shifting and press the gas it acts like a reluctant toddler for like 1-2 seconds after I am going in reverse for the first few seconds intially. I never ever notice this going forward and it may have always been there I dont know. I just changed my differential fluids I dont know if after doing this will help, but I am praying its nothing mechanical. What do you guys think?  It does not do this every time I back up either. I have not noticed if its on slopes or flat ground only "well not yet". lol

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Ok well to come to find its my left driver side caliper.  One of the slides it seized.  I did the right side and was able to get both slides out clean n lube them. 

Side note don't put too much lube on them because they will hydraulically work against you when you go to tighten every thing up again.  

Since I could not remove one of the slide pins on the left side and before snapping it off I left it alone.  

The pulse is gone in my braking but now my pads on the left side are not in full contact with the rotar.  

This has caused me to feel a sponge sensation when I brake. 

So now I will need to replace my left front rotar, bleed the brakes, and then she will be done.  

Saga continues 



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Having just gone through a similar headache on my Baja not too long ago, you don't want to leave it with a stuck slide pin.  I tried doing that, figuring maybe if I at least got it to turn, it would loosen up, but it just made angry noises and kept dragging.  I was able to eventually get the pin freed up (with heat, penetrating oil, a bench vise, and channel locks), but the caliper bracket is $26.79 on Rock Auto, and the slide pins and rubber bits are pretty cheap as well.  If you leave it stuck like it is, braking performance will be a lot worse than it should be, you'll probably end up right back where you started pretty quickly.

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So, true I agree. I will be barely driving it until it gets fixed and I know I have already caused damage to my rotor and I will live with that. It will be local driving to work 7 miles one way. I do realize that the brakes on her left side are not parallel with the rotor and I again greatly appriciate your words or ernest intent. I will leave it up to my shop to tell me what I need to do. I appriciate your words and they are very true.  I could not remove the pin and before I snapped it off in the vise I stopped lol.

Yes that pin in mine will never loosing up on its own and the entire caliper assembly needs to be swaped out!

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