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The time has come to cash out...

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I've been lurking in this forum for 10+ years and really enjoyed reading all the posts from my fellow Subie enthusiasts. I learned a lot and fixed a bunch of things on my Leggy with your help.

Unfortunately, my 2007 2.5i wagon has finally bit the dust and has blown a head gasket. I have 150,000km on it and there is a bunch of other work to be done.    I live in Montreal, Canada so there is some rust, especially around the rear wheel wells. Suspension is sagging, timiing belt also due...

Doesn't make economic sense to sink 5k repairs into it bring it upto snuff, so I reckon I'm gonna sell it as is.

That said, it runs and starts on first turn of the key. I hate to scrap it and thinking there must be someone out there who wants a project car. :) but, maybe I'm wrong.

What do you think it's worth?

Thanks to all my 4thgen comrades.



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To give you a comparable, I was planning on asking ~$3.5K for my 2005 2.5i (250k kms)

But this is after:

- head gasket repair & associated seals + valve adjustment job

- all brakes replaced/repaired

- all suspensions less than 3 years (including all suspension bushings replaced, etc…..

-reasonably well repaired exhaust system

- 2 year old summer tires, old but good winter tires, on their own rims….

- new rear brake lines, etc./.

For an ‘07 that is broken and in need of repair…. i do not mean to be rude, but less than 1K. Like I would offer under $750 CAD, if the rust wasn’t too bad. Heads + suspension and quarter panels are a lot of work.

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If you were closer, I would pick it up just to do the work and keep it on the road, but there is no practical way to get it from Montreal to Niagara. (Any chance it is a manual?)

Hopefully you find someone who wants to do the work. None of that is terribly hard, or can't be done with basic tools, but it is LOT of work, and the NA cars aren't exactly in high demand...

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I would ask around for a recycler that deals in catalytic converters. I bet they are worth that much on their own. The rest of the car should be worth most of that again as scrap metal.

I am pretty sure I sold the OE cats our of my GT for like.... $740 a year or two ago...

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If it was manual, I would have worked something out with you and taken the train to Mtl.

I still like my beaten-up old Outback, but every time I get in to the car and grab the automatic gear selector, I die a little.

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My wife and I just sold her 2006 Subaru B9 Tribeca with 161k miles for $750. Valve cover gaskets needed replaced, head gaskets would be needed soon (slowly seeping), power steering pump was going out, needed struts, bushings…a lot of work, probably to the tune of $5k+. I was in the same boat…I didn’t want to dump that kind of money into it, to risk something else major going wrong with it. Not an 2.5i outback, but a comparable. Sold it to a Subaru h6 mechanic who did a lot of work with h6 outback’s who was going to fix it and give it to his sister in law. Was happy it’d get fixed and live on, car still had a lot of life left in it.
Bonne chance! 

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