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Relentless Electrical Issues - 08 2.5i

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I've been having my brake and battery lights flashing, which from what I understand equates to low voltage, for about a year; within that time, the alternator has been replaced twice and the battery once. After replacing the alternator, the issue subsided for about a month but is rearing its head again. Every time, it starts under high-load high-rev situations, like when the car downshifts into third at night with the lights, radio, and A/C on, but then it becomes more and more commonplace until they start flashing repeatedly any time throttle is applied. I'm really stuck on what the underlying problem is, any ideas?

P.S. The video was taken at the 'later stage' a couple weeks before the alternator was changed a month ago.






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What does the wiring harness look like that connects to the alternator? It should have a green 3 pin connector that plugs into the alternator.

Have you checked the fuse to the alternator? Should be 7.5A in the engine bay fuse box.

Also, check grounds and power cables at the battery and other spots.

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