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need somer help with my 2000 L not starting

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I have a 2000 Subaru legacy L wagon with a 5 speed. I was having a starting issue some times. I would turn the key and I would hear the relay click and turn the key and nothing. The voltage at the batter was 12.0 to 12.2. Some times I would hear a wine as it started/grid. So I new it was the starter. Plus it would have a problems starting in the morning, when it was dark or at night. It seemed to be fine during the day. 

Got a new starter and installed it and cleaned all the terminals. Started right up and starts faster then ever before. I guess the start was weak also. That was a week ago. and has been starting fine.

 I went out this morning to start he car. Cold and dark out. turn the key and I get a click click click, like a dead battery sound. different then before. I checked the voltage and it was 12.0 and then I turned on the heads and other lights and everything was bright and fine.  Tried it 4 time and the same thing. Had to go to work so just got a ride. What would it be now?

The car runs fine and has no warning lights on.

Alternator was replayed 3 years ago, about 12k

battery was replayed 5 years ago, about 20k

stater replaced a week ago, 200 miles

any help would be great,


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resting voltage of 12..12.2 is not a good fully charged battery.  a resting voltage of 12.2 is only about halfway charged.  ideally you want 12.6 to 13v.  Charge the battery and check your cable connections and go from there! 👍

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I should of gave a little more detail. I did not check it with a voltage meter. I will later when I get home. I have a Bluetooth that is plugged in to the accessory port and it says the voltage.  So I know it reads a little now that at the battery.

Battery connects are tight and all cleaned because I just did that when I did the starter. I know when the car started I'm getting the 14.2 to 14.5 voltages out of the port.

If I had time I was going to connect my jump pack this morning but I was so pissed I was like f.. it. Maybe I'm over thinking it and its the battery going.

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Mine does the same thing.  Battery seems to be very weak, and this happens sometimes on cold mornings.  If I hold the key for a while, sometimes up to 20 seconds, it finally starts.  It can take a few tries as well.  Could be something with the fuel system in cold weather maybe?

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