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12 gt stick

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Looking to pickup a 12 gt stick  from a friend.  It has a cracked ringland and it's a easy fix for me to do but was wondering. What these are worth. I know they are on the rare side but  does it help hold the value ??  I want to factor in  The purchase  price and what it will cost me to fix it  but want to make sure the "value" is there.


Short block was done 30k miles ago by subi, clutch was done at the same time since motor was out. New  tb components and all maintence records since new included 




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I couldn't tell you what it's worth but there's a ton of places you can look that up. I can tell you that rarity doesn't necessarily equal big money valuations. The 5th gen GT is kinda rare because much of the enthusiast base Subaru built up with the 4th gen GT didn't like it and therefore didn't buy one. From what I see, they aren't developing a following as they age either. If you like the car, cool, enjoy it. I wouldn't count on it becoming a collector item though.

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Congrats on your 2012 GT

I would try to figure out why the ringland cracked after only 30k miles. Usually the only cracked ringland, I see on 5th Gen GT are modified ones. The ones with cracklands who have posted pictures, clearly have had detonation.   

The easiest solution is to buy a short block from Subaru and swap the parts over.

I would get a new timing belt and reuse the components (make sure the water pumper was replaced previously).

I would probably still do the clutch throw out bearing and replace the clutch fork. (cheap insurance for parts that fail and cause you to pull the motor prematurely to fix)  

Check the valve clearance on the heads (to prevent a burnt valve). If the clearance has never been adjusted, it will likely need to be done with either new valve or shim buckets.

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