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Rust line above windshield

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My 09 LGT is starting to show a very thin line of rust that is super straight right above the windshield on the brim of the painted body.  I don't think they would have made the roof with a seam right here but let me know if there is.  Ruling out a metal seam as the cause of the rust the only other cause that makes sense is that the Safelite technician caused the damage to the paint when he used his tool to cut the rubber seal/edging when he took the old window out back in 2021.  It is hard to see in the pic but the line goes all the way across from side to side.  My son and I tried to fix it with touch up paint but that is not working and it is still rusting through.  I'll be visiting a Safelite location tomorrow but am unsure what recourse, if any, I might have.




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My car has spent its entire life away from salt and anywhere east of NE Washington. The only spot of rust anywhere on the car is in the windshield area and, for me, is only visible with the windshield removed. 

Your picture doesn't show up, just FYI.

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It’s likely from a windshield guy cutting the paint. Better have that fixed now otherwise it gets pretty difficult, it’s probably pretty rotten closer to the windshield. Safelight likely has canned excuses on tap for this exact scenario and will probably politely tell you to kick rocks.

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I visited the local Safelite this morning and all of their techs looked at it and said it is highly likely their fault and they will cover the repairs for me under their "as long as you own the car" warranty.  Got an estimate from my local body shop that does decent work.  Just shy of $3,000 to disassemble, sandblast and new tricoat SWP from A pillars, entire roof, down the D pillars and the rear quarters too since it is all one contiguous surface.  The Safelite I visited this morning was not where the tech 1.5 yrs ago worked out of so he transferred the repair estimate to the owner of the Safelite in Rochester MN.  They were a bit shocked how high the estimate was but the way I look at it is Safelite has their warranty they stand behind and the body shop guys need to do it right so they can stand behind their work as well.  I'll need to wait for the snow to be gone here in MN since the body shop sandblaster is an outside thing and doesn't work in the winter.

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