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FL-Cover Front Cushions-2010 lgt gt ltd leather


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Color is listed as "off black"-looks grey. The cushions (the part where your butt sits) have small cuts, probably from a parking attendant with a 30 lb key ring on his belt. The repairs don't match. The oem part numbers (leather, power seats) are left 64140aj05avh, right 64140aj04avh. All that I can find now are the superceded part left 64140aj05bvh and right 64140aj04bvh. The super ceded new part is for the 2012-14 lgt. From the photos on the dealer sites the patterning is different. Does anyone know if the color is the same?

I can live with different pattern since I am changing both front left and right cushions. I would love to have oem 2010 versions or great used ones. I keep my car in pristine condition. Thanks.

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