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  1. I need a catted downpipe for an '05 OBXT 5MT. A downpipe from an '05-'09 LGT should do the trick. I'm good with stock or high-flow, just anything with a good cat. Please PM with deets. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to purchase either an entire OBP trunk or just the panel that has the license plate and badges on it. Mine's cracked and I'd love to just drop a new one in but a whole trunk would probably suffice as well. I don't care if it has non-GT badging. I am also looking for a front lip; Bayson R seems to be out of stock and it seems like they supply the only decent eBay listing for a preface USDM bumper lip as well. Told me 2-3 months for restock so if any of you have one kicking around I'll gladly buy it. Willing to drive a fair bit. Located 19446 - Philly suburbs. Thanks!
  3. My current fog lights are EBay aftermarkets from the P.O. and don't work. I'm looking to put the original equipment back in. I need the assembly that clips into the fog light covers. I don't NEED the bulbs, but I'll definitely take em if you got em. Shipping will be to 23669. Let me know what y'all got! Part numbers: 84501AG130, 84501AG120 Example:
  4. Color is listed as "off black"-looks grey. The cushions (the part where your butt sits) have small cuts, probably from a parking attendant with a 30 lb key ring on his belt. The repairs don't match. The oem part numbers (leather, power seats) are left 64140aj05avh, right 64140aj04avh. All that I can find now are the superceded part left 64140aj05bvh and right 64140aj04bvh. The super ceded new part is for the 2012-14 lgt. From the photos on the dealer sites the patterning is different. Does anyone know if the color is the same? I can live with different pattern since I am changing both front left and right cushions. I would love to have oem 2010 versions or great used ones. I keep my car in pristine condition. Thanks.
  5. Failed a visual inspection today. They are saying they take pictures now with a camera to verify. So my guy failed me. If anyone has an 05-06 uppipe they don't mind parting with. I'd really appreciate it. Kong
  6. Anyone have a bulletproofed TMIC for sale? Please PM price with shipping to 80111. Thanks!
  7. Looking for an unmarried AP2-SUB-002. Please PM price with shipping to 80111. Thanks!
  8. Looking for a full motor or just the heads on a 2005 OBXT/LGT.
  9. Looking for a VF46 and a UP. If you have a blown one that works also. Thanks,
  10. Just came across Marty420's post showing his awesome STI gauge pod. I want one. If anyone has the kit I would be happy to purchase. I never knew I needed something like that so much, but I do. After some googling I have come to learn how hard these are to come across, so I fully expect this thread to sit here for quite a while. Thanks!
  11. I'm looking for some spec b trailing arms if anyone has some laying around.
  12. Mine has cracks and wondered if anyone has one in good condition. This is the entire piece that goes below the rear wiper and holds the reverse lights. Would be open to other colors but GRP plug and play preferred. Thanks. Sent from my HD1925 using Tapatalk
  13. Looking for a 6 speed, preferably non-DCCD. Working or not working is fine (depending on damage, it has to of course be repairable). Located in TX, can also pick up if its in/around SoCal.
  14. As title states. I've got the paddle shifters but need the matching steering column trim/shroud so I can do the retrofit on my car. Please provide pics and asking price. I'm in southwest Ohio. Thanks!
  15. In search of a full set of, or half set, of gunmetal grey Enkei RPF1s in the size of 18x8 5x100 et +35. The manufacture's part number is: 3798808035GM I would also seriously consider buying 3/4 of a set. Nothing less than two, however. Here is a link of exactly what I'm looking for: https://www.oakos.com/ENK-3798808035GM.htm I am also still looking for a full set of 18x8 OZ Racing Evo Chrono wheels - 5x100 et +35 with/without tires. I do not care the what the color is of the wheels. I only care that the dimensions are 18x8 +35 with a 5x100 lug pattern. These are the first generation OZ Racing Chrono wheels that I am looking for. If anyone can get me any other info they have on anyone they know who has them, or anyone they know who is selling them, that would be greatly appreciated. *Reference pictures below.*
  16. Hi all, I already have a Cobb DP, looking for a cat-back exhaust to complete my Stage2. Open to any CBE system for the wagon. Although I've had a few Stromung systems in the day and I like the look/sound. PM me with your offers. Thanks, Tony
  17. Looking for an intercooler, fmic or upgraded would be preferred, send me a pm if you have anything. Need something asap.
  18. I have a RockAuto discount code if anyone is looking for parts. Good till the end of February. 193956598175774746 Sent from my SM-G996U using Tapatalk
  19. Got a 2008 outback with a leaky front exhaust pipe and I'm looking to replace it with one that doesn't leak, preferably cheaper than an aftermarket, but I get the cat in the pipe may make that tricky these days. I believe one will work from: 2006-2010 Forester 2006-2011 Impreza 2006-2012 Legacy 2006-2012 Outback NON-Turbo, and NOT NY/CALI CARB compliant. Thank you!
  20. SPT battery tie down and oil cap, ideally blue. Thanks
  21. Looking for an OEM midpipe and mufflers in good condition. This is for a 2005 GT wagon so systems from a wagon would be a preference. Thanks!
  22. **Car is now being parted out, please delete post. 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon · 220k miles Built IPT transmission with blown center diff. And a whole host of other have fun mods. I am looking to trade my broken daily 05 Legacy GT wagon for a Spec-B 6-speed swap for my other show wagon. The car does have high miles, but had been very well taken care of maintenance wise. Car has about 7-9k in sellable parts including a full fuel system, VF52 turbo, Cobb AP, and brand new Continental tires, most with less than 18k miles. You could also fix the center diff on the IPT built 5EAT trans and you have a fast and fun grocery getter sleeper daily or gut it and rally it. The possibilities are limitless! It got 276whp on the Mustang Dyno at JEM-sport in Jackson, MI when tuned, will do 4.5sec 0-60. Ran great and pulled strong up until the diff let go. If no one will trade, I will part out, but some parts I will keep for my other wagon. Feel free to DM with questions or for a full build list. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  23. Anyone who's swapped to the jdm grill still have theirs? I'm lookin for a grill for my 2015 legacy
  24. Hi, my downpipe took a crap/clogged. My 05 legacy will not floor pass 3k. I figure out it was a clogged cat because I removed the 02 sensor by the headers and the engine was able to rev pass 3k slowly. Therefore, I am looking for another used good condition downpipe. I am located in Michigan so the closer the better or I can pay to ship as well.
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