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UT 2005-2006 OEM catted UpPipe


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Failed a visual inspection today. They are saying they take pictures now with a camera to verify. So my guy failed me. If anyone has an 05-06 uppipe they don't mind parting with. I'd really appreciate it.




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Why does it have to be catted? Taking pics how.....up the tailpipe? Is yours aftermarket? That I could see them picking up on.


I have a non catted UP from my 2009 you could have...pay shipping, which isn't exactly cheap these days.


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Yeah, mine is an aftermarket pipe. Seems here in Utah, the inspectors have to take pictures of all the cats to prove they checked to make sure they are all there. Then they will do the emissions test. I been passing the last several years, but my dude failed me this year. I feel it's so stupid to do a cat check if I'm still passing emissions.
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