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Subaru Legacy B4 Blitzen Touring Wagon


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Canadians can't come to the US, but Americans can go there. Get a storage unit in Canada. Import your jdm car to your storage unit. Visit periodically to drive it. When legal drive it home.


You know your not wrong..... But I don't think my purchasing agent would approve the purchase requisition right now.

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While car shopping the past couple months, I went to the dealership that had one of these, a 2002 model, for real cheap. It was $2,516 to be exact.

Granted it had 143,000km (88,856 miles) and some paint chipping and scuffs on the rear. Anything 100,000km (62,137 miles) and above, here in Japan, is considered high mileage.

The red on the Blitzens look absolutely great in person.


I ultimately went for the 2002 GT-B Limited that the dealership had. It's way cleaner and has less miles. But, I still do think about that Blitzen!

The stock exhaust also sounded great!

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I was lucky to find a 5mt sedan out here in Germany. Some army bloke imported it. Granted I bought her with 165k km so I'm working on some borrowed time until I replace head gaskets and do some MUCH needed maintenance. The best part is the body is in great shape as is the interior with the exception of a Driver side seat tear which I've already sourced a replacement for thanks to Croooober.
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