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Need some autobody expertise/experience here. So to elaborate on the title, a bird plop landed on my hood a few days ago. Washed the car dried it, but there's a "ghost" of the bird plop left on the hood. Any ideas on how to get rid of this? Claybar? Wetsand? I've waxed and understand how claybarring works, but have yet to do it. I'd like to get this off my hood, even though its hard to see/subtle, I like keeping a clean car, esp for its age. See photo for evidence.


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Prefacing this by stating "I'm not an expert or professional any any way shape or form in the realm of paint & body.


If their is residue/residual matter on top of the clear coat, appropriate scrubbing with a proper lubricant (water, soapy water, off-the-shelf items, etc.) and applicator (microfiber, any non-abrasive materials) would be advised.


For the remnants embedded in the clear coat, yes, claybar.


Following the claybar, if the spot is still visible, then the acidic properties of the bird poop damaged the clear coat, and the most outer layer of clear coat needs to be removed. Heavy cutting/buffing compounds are good for this, as they fall in line just before wet-sanding. This followed up by a lighter polishing compound may not only remove the spot but restore the clear and, subsequently, paint finish to almost new. But, You wouldn't want to just concentrate on this singular point of the panel, because you don't want one section of the panel to look 16yrs younger than the rest.


Good luck to you and your paint sir!

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Thanks Febreze Mee! Good to know… I may just bring it to the shop, needs to have some dents pulled out anyway. But nice to know there might be hope…and even though you’re not a body pro I think you’ve got enough knowledge and experience to know what you’re talking about! More than me anyway…lol
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