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InfosecDad's feeble attempt at making room in his garage

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I'll have more coming, this is just what I have pictures of at the moment.


Prodrive P1 17x7 ET52 by OZ Racing - $600 + shipping

Pretty rare, in really good condition.

I have two center caps, two have broke from fatigued plastic.

The Michelin AS-3 tires are low tread.

I'm still kinda fighting myself about letting these go, but if someone wants them speak up.

If I end up buying an outback for the family, I might use these on it.













1320 ELH (Equal length headers). - $250 + shipping SOLD

I ran these for approximately 1k miles

I picked them up from 1320 Performance as they had to patch a failed EGT install.

They ran great, you have to pull them a bit to install (which is fairly common in my experience).

I just decided to go back to the stock manifold.







JDM Bilstein Spec B Rev. B suspension - $400 + shipping SOLD

This set has around 50k miles I think, I've ran them for 3 years.

They are a wonderful balance of comfort and handling.

I just decided to try Konis and trade some comfort for handling.

No leaking or clunking and seem to be in good shape to run for a while yet.

More info about the Spec B Rev B here: https://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/faq-jdm-oem-suspension-61108.html







GFB BPV/BOV Fully adjustable - $150 + shipping SOLD

I like that you can adjust from full recirc to full bov and anywhere inbetween.

Nothing wrong with it that I know of, just replaced with a Synapsis DV to test.

I did level the flange as it was slightly out of square.

I either use the permatex 1 min gasket or felpro gasket material cut to size when installing.





HKS Inlet w/ panel filter - $150 + shipping

I ran this for a couple years before switching to a Perrin so I could use a GS intake.

Unique piece that includes the S-curve built in.

Works really well with the stock intake setup, most aftermarket won't work because they eliminate the S-curve part.

The connector to the turbo is still relatively soft, but is harder than when I first installed it.

It was sealing fine when I pulled it, just didn't want someone to be surprised

I used one of the double beaded clamps, and would recommend doing the same as that's the shape pressed in the coupler now :-D

The panel filter is included, it's just not in the picture.



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