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Smoke from engine, Help Please

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After letting my car sit for about 2 or 3 weeks I finally got it started again only to realise that there was smoke coming from the drivers side of the engine bay. Never used to have this issue before. When idling cold doesn’t have the issue but when the warms up it seems to occur. Not sure if smoke is oil or not as doesn’t have that typical burning oil smell. Smoke seems to be coming from the area where the turbo on drivers side. (Right hand drive) is located. Unsure if it is related to turbo as I can’t exactly pin point where alter smoke is coming from as it seems to be coming from somewhere deep down but unsure. Thoughts ?


2002 subaru legacy ej208 twin turbo ( smoke from left hand side of circle on picture provided

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Also unsure if related or not my mate jumped the car but put leads wrong way around. car still tuns and goes hard just smoke which is new issue. Unsure if this could be related or not


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Smoke in that area could be a number of things. Since it was sitting a while it could be a valve cover leak. Another common cause is a torn cv boot. The inner boot near the up pipe is the one most likely to go first and throw grease on hot metal (at least on the gen4 lgt). Ideally you need to get under the car and have a look.
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