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Iso used nameless axleback

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Are you willing to mod them to fit? Check the 4th gen classifieds and the other Subaru forums for any dual muffler axlebacks, most will fit with a little hanger relocation and pipe rerouting by a muffler shop.


Or maybe build your own? I got Borla 2-1/2" universals and had a muffler shop fab up a custom y-pipe to the mufflers so the exhaust is 2-1/2" all the way to the end.

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I used a pair of Nameless mufflers from a forester XT. I bought my car with an Invidia N1 turboback so I just modded a forester xt intermediate(Lengthened and had to change the angle of the axelback flanges). and kept the N1 catback to sell.



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I think FLlegacy is still trying to sell his axlebacks.



I'm still considering it, I did reinstall them for a secondary trial. They seem louder than I remember. But in any case I wont be available to ship them out until after the holidays. So anyone interested can PM me and we will go from there.


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Iso used axleback for a fair price. Willing to consider any brand


Not sure what you're looking for here....Nameless "the brand" axlebacks, or anything that will fit including generic homemade ones?

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