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Disable HBA (High Beam Assist)

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2019 Legacy 2.5 Sport.

Has anyone disabled the HBA (High Beam Assist)?

I don't like it and would rather not pay to have the dealer plug-in to disable it.

I haven't downloaded the 2019 Sport Service Manuel yet to look into inserting a disable switch.

Can it be as simple as covering (with a cap or tape) the front of the High Beam Assist Camera?

Is this Camera integrated into the Eyesight system?


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You are correct Ctrain7093.

However, I would like the convenience of leaving the lights on "Auto" and full control of high beams (like in my 2016 Legacy).

I'll start experimenting this weekend and report findings.

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...inserting a disable switch.


This is easier and more convenient than turning the lever up two clicks from the auto position to on?


Just fyi. Covering it won’t work. It operates on the reverse logic; when it doesn’t see any light, it flips the brights on.


Wouldn't this mean it would work? For it to always turn on you would want to try it into thinking it is always very dark.

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