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hose replacement kits / hose diagrams

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My mechanic was replacing the PCV valve assembly and every hose they touched was disintegrating. When I tapped into a boost line for my boost gauge, it was porcelain.


Since it is already at the shop partially apart, we're going to replace the worn out pieces.


Some are basic vacuum hoses, some are specific pieces with defined bends in them. Is there a good place for diagrams for ordering the OEM pieces I might need? I am at the Opposed Forces page right now.


Does anyone make 2005 Legacy GT specific kits anymore?



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I'm going to guess your better off just going to the auto parts store and X number of feet of a few different size vacuum hoses.

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I've just been going through diagrams and past posts. Here are things that came up for reference:


This is a good post on hoses near the PCV


This was an old post on a group buy for some Venair Ancillary Hoses and it lists OE part numbers of hoses that it replaced.

















This was from a NASIOC post I think of a WRX owner that replaced his hoses:


"General Silicon Hose tubing - order from http://www.siliconhose.com

13mm x 8 feet

6mm x 6 feet

4mm x 8 feet


Heater Hose:

0.31"" x 8 Feet"


also there is a Vibrant Silicon Vacuum Hose kit from http://www.fastwrx.com. When I set my vehicle as a 2005 Legacy GT the web page says that it fits on a 2005 Legacy GT


5 ft. of 1/8" (3.2mm) I.D. hose

10 ft. of 5/32" (3.75mm) I.D. hose

4 ft. of 3/16" (4.5mm) I.D. hose

4 ft. of 1/4" (6mm) I.D. hose

2 ft. of 3/8" (10mm) I.D. vacuum hose

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I think you've found what you need. From what I could find silicone is better for vacuum and not as ideal for fluids. Lots of debate there.


I went with oe hoses. It was a pain deciphering all the diagrams. Get an idea and then just go talk to your local parts guy. Ask them for 20% off or something cuz such a big order. A bunch of them would need to be ordered in as well.


The only one I had issue with was the 5/8" breather hose to the aftermarket turbo inlet. Just a bit too short. So that got whatever the auto parts store had. Which was stiff and thick and obnoxious but it works.


Turbo smart sells long lengths of silicone hose. I also used the mishimoto catch can kit for $8 for my pcv to turbo inlet. AFAIK no one makes a full hose kit anymore except maybe these people in Britain and it's special order.



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