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After buying car, what maintenance?


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Hi everyone, new here, im purchasing a 2005 legacy gt wagon. All stock no aftermarket stuff. Owner told me no major work has been done including timing belt and water pump. My question is what service should i get done. Timing belt? Water pump? Tranny flush? its an automatic. Any other services? Odometer is 163,000
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The timing belt, tension, pulleys and water pump need to be immediately as your risk a major engine problem driving it as is. Turbo failures are common to this generation and you want to minimize that. If you hear any noises from the turbo you want to stop driving immediately. To help minimize the turbo failures change to a catless up-pipe, remove the banjo filters oil, and check the turbo for play while everything is apart.


If it was my car,


-either flush the transmission or do a 3 transmission oil changes in short period.

-change oil/filter

-flush the brake fluid

-change the rear differential fluid.

-air filter, spark plugs, cabin air filter

-power steering fluid

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Change the Coolant and front Diff Fluid as well.

Good call on the Auto Trans pan drops. It's helps these 5EAT live longer...

Have 225K on mine so far for example.

Poke around and make sure all your lights work, inside and out.

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Timing belt/idlers/water pump is the #1 priority, they are 60k and 8 years overdue....


Then banjo bolt removal, since it's free. After that I would consider the catless up pipe (which requires a resistor patch or tune update).


I also echo doing the things dgoodhue mentioned is a must.

05 LGT 16G 14psi 290whp/30mpg (SOLD)

12 OBP Stock 130whp/27mpg@87 Oct

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