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OR - 04 Gold STI 17 X 7.5 5X100 Wheels


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As I know many people probably are looking, figured I would see if I get any bites on this. Trying to find the 04 Gold STI BBS wheels, any usable set of 4. Wife has a Prius now so I would be willing to drive pretty far if the price was right. Located in Portland, OR. I don't need tires as I already have new ones, so a bare wheel is preferred.
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I have a set in IL. 3 of them are silver, one is gold but all 5x100. Def need redone but no bends, cracks or damages. just rash


If only I still lived in WI :lol:


I would possibly be open to shipping them in if you want to PM me your price on them.

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