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Battery (dead) replaced, now one touch power window is not working

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My 2016 Legacy has been having an issue (which I need to search for advice in a different post) of being unable to release the key from the ignition when the car is turned off.


That issue required me to turn the car on and off a couple of times to then get the key out.


But on Friday afternoon (car was parked in my garage since Thursday night), I turned the key and... nothing. Not even a clicking sound. Nada. Since the car is with me for 3 1/2 years, I went to Costco and got a new battery.


The car turned on at the first crank, and (so far) all electrical components are fine, except for the one-touch power window for both driver and front passenger:

- Driver power window works normally, one-touch is not working

- Front passenger window switch (on driver side) is not working

- Front passenger window switch (on passenger side) is working, but no one-touch


Could this be that I blew a power window motor, a switch or just a fuse?


Thanks for the help!

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Dust off multitude of covered pamphlets which are called Owner's Manuals look into the index for the simple instructions to reset the passenger window or search the gazillion posts on every Subaru Forum since electric window became standard equipment for the procedure or Google it.


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I have a 2016 and the same thing happened. I had the service department at the dealer look at it when having the oil changed and they said they had to "re-program" it after the battery died (I had changed the battery myself a few months before having the oil changed). I'm not sure what they meant by that assuming it is not wireless.... Either way, they did the "re-programming" at no charge and we haven't had an issue since and that was last fall.
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... the same thing happened.

And the same solution always applies, too.

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I just this weekend started having a similar issue. My rear passenger window has no power (I did test and had to jump the motor to get the window up) and my auto unlock is also not working.
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