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05 GT 5MT Wagon 81k rust bubbles on roof

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Ive always loved the 4th gen legacy. so when I had to go pick one that was traded into work i was giddy with joy. Find out its a wagon 5MT GT with only 81k on it!!! Love at first site. But this is New England, did i mention that land of cold and salt.


05 GT 5 speed wagon 81k


Some rust on one of the back fenders, eh.


a little bit of rust starting on the bottom of the doors .


Rust bubbles starting on the roof between the windshield and sunroof. Looks like windshield was replace with a bad seal.


ABS er 55 code. no other lights on. Am i stupid if i buy this car for around $3500-$4k

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If its priced accordingly, then it depends what you want out of the car and whether or not its worth it to you. Pretty much every New England winter car becomes a rust bucket after 15 years. I definitely wouldn't pay any premium for it.
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my works just sending it to the auction and im still waiting for them give me a price. but i know they are only in it 2600. So i dont think its be more than 4k at least. I had a blast driving it and id hope it could be a dd for a few years.
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I plan on asking them to check both when it gets brought inside to get looked at. The turbo felt good when I drove it but I didn't really get on it. I've been living here the past 2 weeks reading as much as I can. Turbo failure is what im worried the most of. If it goes im screwed for a bit.
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It really depends what your plans for the car would be. If you're just looking for a fun beater and it checks out mechanically, go for it. If you have plans to mod it, the rust will drive you nuts though.
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Just a little update. Still waiting for them to throw a number at me but I find out it'll need a new caliper for the from so all new from brakes and rotors would be done and the radiator is starting to seep. So a new radiator as well. About $900 to fix both at the shop. Engine is in good shape tho!! All and all doesn't seem bad for 14 year old car in NE. Edited by JackBimble
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These cars need lots of TLC to keep them running well. Once you understand what they need and keep them in good shape, they will give you lots of joy.


If you don't have a couple grand in reserve after you buy the car...I would think twice.


Has the timing belt been replaced ?


FWIW, I bought my wagon new late June 2004, I'm well into paying for the third time.


It had rust on the bottom of the passenger door too, until a neighbor remolded the right side of the car Jan 2018 with his old ambulance that he was using for his wood working business. That door got replaced, no more rust.


I have had the roof painted at least two times for the same rust your seeing. My wagon is on its 4th windshield. Yes the car does have 274,000 miles on it. But its so much fun to drive.

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305,600miles 5/2012 ej257 short block, 8/2011 installed VF52 turbo, @20.8psi, 280whp, 300ftlbs. (SOLD).  CHECK your oil, these cars use it.


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