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rough running after dual catch can install

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Installed a dual catch can setup today. Started it for the first time and now it runs lean and very rough. Set as follows... Going from cranks to catch can 1 in. From catch 1 out to a T with one end attched to the PCV out(out to ait intake) and the other end leading to catch can 2. Then back to air intake. does this sound correct? Maybe i damaged the PCV when doing this. Not sure but been trying to figure it out for hours and losing patience.
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I’m not sure about the catch can routing but this is the story of my life... You may already have, but I’d check all electrical connectors and vacuum lines near where you were working. Did you disconnect the battery? If so you may just need an idle relearn. Any MIL?
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Sounds like a leak somewhere. I have the saikou michi dual catchcan and after draining it the 1st time I didnt close the drain nut tight enough and when I started my car it was running really rough. Do you hear a hissing sound at all? It should be pretty audible. Hope you find the source. Loose hose clamp?


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