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Coolant Smell

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Welp yet another problem with my 2007 Legacy gt >.<. I travel for all over for work. Before leaving for 3 days I put coolant in my radiator and overfill tank because it was low when I bought the car bout 3 weeks ago. Upon returning I noticed the overfill tank was empty. Didn’t worry me at first. I went to take my car to Subaru to get the rear diff clip I was talking about before replaced and going up a hill I noticed the usual maple syrup sweet smell of coolant burning. Didn’t see any smoke from my hood or tailpipes. When I got there and walked around the car I noticed the smell was coming from the tailpipes. Like I said this all happened after letting it sit for a few days. When I get back from this week of work and pick up the car anyone have any suggestions where to look? Surprisingly I didn’t get a chance to check my oil cap wasn’t thinking straight at the time. Do these cars have any coolant lines that fail often? Or should I go straight to looking for head gasket failure. The engine in the car is remanufactured but it’s from LKQ which online doesn’t look like their engines have a very good track record.
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Get one of these and check for hydrocarbons in the coolant:



Also try to perform the bleeding procedure to remove air from the coolant system. If the stream of air bubbles never stop I'd suspect head gasket.


You could do a few cheap things like bypass the heater core (just in case it's blocked), replace the radiator cap and thermostat.


But other than its likely the headgaskets.

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