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Android Auto Raspberry Pi touch screen install

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A while back I came across a project called Crankshaft and now got around to try it. This allows you to use a Raspberry Pi and a touch screen as an Android Auto interface. (sadly only for Android)




I just wanted to share my primitive testing setup. Later, I want to build a better screen enclosure and mount it permanently to the trim bezel. So far it is alright and it is an alternative if you want to get Android Auto on the cheap. The Raspberry Pi is only connected using the aux input and USB power. I've seen people build some pretty cool setups, like integrating steering wheel controls and even back up cameras.


Just wanted to share. I am waiting up and saving up for the 10" Tesla head unit in the future. That looks really cool and I am up for the challenge of wiring that up.






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I have a couple extra screens and plenty of pis in my lab! I'm def going to be doing this, although the hardest part for me would be figuring out anon-janky way of mounting the screen and pi. Although i wish the screen could be connected via a non-ribbon cable
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orly. Where would it be hiding? You were looking to cut a hole into the top of your dash?


in place of center dash speaker (i don't have it). I had also to modify interior air vent channels to free some space for moving frame.

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