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What I did with my 08 SpecB OEM NAV

m sprank

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I pulled my OEM 08 SpecB NAV long ago and sold the disc portion. I had a plan for the SpecB at the time. Well, years have passed and the SpecB is being parted out. But, my original plan for the NAV did not die with the SpecB.



I decided that as I now have some time on my hands I would tackle the project in my current daily driven Subie. So, I took my OEM 08 SpecB NAV screen (Kenwood TV) and installed it with all the other electronics I had planned for the SpecB in my 2003 Forester XS.




I might just have the first 03 Forester with dual 7" touchscreens that operate independently and can be integrated as one. NAV, DVD, HD radio, Sirius/XM, bluetooth, USB, iPod control, dual audio/video inputs and more. Kenwood/Garmin NAV, OEM (Kenwood) upper screen, Excelon DD head unit.




Dont ask how I did it. Dont ask how I wired it. Trust that all the wiring is loomed and harnessed as good or better than OEM. Trust that I raped my SpecB for all the needed connectors and all the connections are OEM plugs. I can still integrate a back up camera if desired, I just need to figure out a reverse trigger, the wiring is already there. No, I did not tap the Can Bus. The rest of the sound system is going in next week. That is another story entirely.




My fun project for the past few days...






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The set up was originally intended for my SpecB. I hated the disc based NAV and already had a High Line Car Audio DD kit for the car.




I made it work by raping the SpecB for the wiring harness and plugs. I then re-soldered the SpecB OEM harness in to the Forester harness. I spent one morning going over the FSM schematics for both cars and found the required corresponding wires.




At this point I have now been able to update the NAV firmware from v3.8 to 4.2. This gave me SDHC compatibility and the ability to read more than 2gb of memory. BOOM, I now have 2018 NA maps. I hid the USB in the ash try. I can even close the ash tray door with a USB stick installed, so its stealth.




The NAV unit is a Kenwood KNA-G510. Uses the same ant as OEM (I am using the Kenwood ant even though I have the OEM one) and the same plug to the screen. I am using the aux vid input on the screen to display the dvd/ipod/or whatever I plug into the 3 available vid inputs on the HU. The HU has one controllable vid output. I can still use the square plug on the back of the screen for a back up camera. I just have to find a signal source for the reverse lamps. I have that wire already identified on the screen. I did not tap the CAN BUS as the Forester would not support the same channel signals to the screen as the SpecB. So, the OEM info display shown only my trip time.




Not too shabby for a 15 year old car using 10 year old electronics. Lots of "today" tech in the car now.





If I am not mistaken on an 07+ manual LGT/OBXT the wiring is all there for nav. Its the 05-06 LGT that you have to make a harness.

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There's a viper racecar outfitted with multiple screens out here. One is used for displaying data, the other functions as a rear view mirror with a radar sensor suite to warn of approaching traffic.


Having 2 screens with independent inputs would be super nice in the wagon. Even if just to play videos while driving duration yellow flag slowdowns. :-)

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I have completed the sound deadening in the Forester. The mids, highs and x-overs are installed. All the wiring is now complete. I am working on a custom battery mount now (for the spare tire well). Once I have that complete the box and amp rack are going in. Then its time to make some ear drums rupture. Having my mid-life crisis and building a stereo system similar to what I had when I was 20. Gonna bump like its 1992 all over again. LOL at myself.



I have had all of the equipment stored in the garage for the past 10 years. Time to put it all to good use.

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Over and over and over... sometimes I hate to admit it, but I am a bass head. All woofers should be sold in quads. Even heavy metal is better when your internal organs slosh and vibrate. Ozzys Momma I'm Coming Home has some nice deep notes. Edited by m sprank
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mmm Zapco :wub: I love seeing people leveraging the OG big Class A/B amps!


I did a similar project in my 3rd Gen 4runner. I installed my McIntosh 6 channel amp purchased in '98 that was stored for many years and paired it with some older Focal separates and MB Quart drivers, along with my old school JL Audio 10w6V1 DVC subs x3 (these were unique dual 6ohm voice coils) in a single enclosure tuned port box that was one of JL's infamous "Box that Rocks" plans from the late 90s. These days most of the new stuff is all class D, but the power AND quality of sound we got from these mega amps was special!


At age 44 you'd think the basshead in me died - it was just dormant, but still lives strong within :cool:


Can't wait to see the finished project Mike :)

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At age 44 you'd think the basshead in me died - it was just dormant, but still lives strong within :cool:



Exact same here. Just hit 40.

I have yet to (re) install my MMATS PRO Audio amp and my 18" TC Sound LMS Ultra in my car. I just don't like the idea that I am going to add like 250 lbs of dead weight in my trunk, and possibly loosen all plastic fasteners in my car :lol:.

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Most of the equipment I am using is either "used" or I have been storing new in box. When I say "used" I mean for a very short time in my 08 LGT (not the SpecB).


The short list:

Custom 170A alternator with Big 3 upgrade

0/1 Stinger Power/Ground wire

12g Stinger Pro wire to fronts and subs

16g Stinger Pro wire to rears

250a and 200a circuit breakers on main power line

Odyssey PC680 battery in spare tire well

Kenwood Excelon DDX812 HU with HD radio add on

Kenwood KNA-G510 NAV

Kenwood/Subaru OEM NAV screen (08 SpecB)

Zapco Symblink line drivers x 3

Zapco Sybilink cables x 3

Zapco Reference 1000 (subs)

Zapco Reference 350 (front)

Zapco Reference 200 (rear)

Focal Power 165K2 woofer with TE52 tweeters (PolyKevlar line) up front

Focal Access 165CA1 in the rear

JL 10W3V3-4 X 4 (subs). Finally going quad again

200sqft of Killmat 0.5mil sound deadening

Custom ported enclosure

Custom amp rack



Born in June 1974. I have all my 80's and 90's bass cd's ready to go. DJ Magic Mike, Techmaster PEB, Bass Boy, Bass Outlaws, Bass 305, L'Trimm (Cars with the Boom), 2 Live Crew, etc. 80's/90's Miami bass scene coming back in 2018, LOL.


I have had SQ and SPL cars. This one will be a little of both. I love the old school car audio scene and the equipment. The new stuff does not carry the same appeal.

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Born in June 1974. I have all my 80's and 90's bass cd's ready to go. DJ Magic Mike, Techmaster PEB, Bass Boy, Bass Outlaws, Bass 305, L'Trimm (Cars with the Boom), 2 Live Crew, etc. 80's/90's Miami bass scene coming back in 2018, LOL.



wow, crazy to see that. Been bumping that stuff back in 93. I remember! Bass Mechanic is still producing I believe. They have a channel on Youtube.






The new stuff does not carry the same appeal.



That's because we're getting old :spin:.







thanks for posting your list of parts though. I've been meaning to upgrade my alternator since like 2009 :rolleyes: and my door speakers. Interesting that you are placing woofers in the front instead of the rear. Was debating to do that cause I did notice the fronts provide better midbass response than the rear (probably due to the volume in the footwell. But I am wondering if I'd loose a bit of higher range though (e.g. voice, etc..).



Anyway, post pics of the progress!

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A note about the 03 Forester. Front and rear door speakers are extremely shallow mount from the factory. Front are 6.5" and rear are 4" factory.


In order to mount the front woofers (and clear the glass) I had to use 1.25" of spacer, shave the inside of the door card and shave some internal window hardware.


In order to mount the rear 6.5" driver I had to remove approx 1" around the OEM speaker opening (door skin metal), shave the inside of the door card and use 1/2" spacers.


Progress pix.









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Total internal volume is 6 cu ft. Minus port its 5 cu ft. Tuned to 31.8hz.

3cu ft per chamber pre port. 2.5cu ft per chamber post port. Two 10" woofers in each chamber. 3/4" MDF construction (port is 1/2" but the sides are framed so its STRONG).


Needed my router fixture for perfect round holes and I left it at home :(


So, back tomorrow to finish the box and rack. I plan to make a cover plate for the top of the box and flush in the woofers. So all you see is cone. Then wrap it in vinyl.


Thats why I need the fixture for perfect holes. The two boards have to be stacked exactly for the perfect fitment.


Box is heavy, its going to cost HP. But, its going in an N/A so who cares???

Edited by m sprank
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Box is ready to wrap. My top/beauty plate snaps on and off. I bit off way more than I anticipated. I spent sooo many hours on the table routing. But it will be worth it in the end.



Box is big, LOL. Its a coffin. It JUST fits in the back of the Forester and I can keep my custom triangulated strut tower brace. Maybe 1/2" clearance to the glass. I will be installing threaded inserts in the floor and bolting the box down.



Front and rear amps are mounted and all power/ground/turn on wiring is complete.


IF all goes as planned I will be setting everything up on the sound analyzer and listening to music Monday afternoon.



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Beautiful work. It's good. You're motivating me to build my enclosures. Can we have 30 hour days instead of 24hrs? :spin:



The port opening looks a bit narrow in one dimension. Did you simulate air velocity at the port around the tuning frequency?



Edit: well I guess the other dimension of your rectangular ports is so long that it should be OK in the end.

Edited by xt2005bonbon
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Ports are long. Air velocity is GOOD. So much so, tomorrow I get to pull the headliner, seal the crossmembers with expanding foam and sound deaden the roof. It is vibrating so violently that the bass wave is being cancelled with the car closed up. Plus used beer cans dont make precision audio speakers. It is friggin disgusting. Gawd damn car HITS.


I finished up the wiring in the wheel well and failed to take a pic. The box is mounted and I think I can remove the headliner while leaving the box, so... maybe no final wheel well pix. Basically the speaker and symbilink wiring is tucked on the opposite side of the power. All wiring is tucked under the board from there. I used more deadening material to tuck the wires.


I will finish the carpeted floor tomorrow morning before tackling the headliner.


Steve Winwood "Back in the High Life" got a standing O from the asphalt sealing crew working the shop parking lot this afternoon (from about 100ft away). We used the track during set up, lol.

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