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What I did with my 08 SpecB OEM NAV

m sprank

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Progress. Now I have to wait 24 hours for the expandable foam to cure before vibrating the roof again.


At this point, barring any unforeseen issues (or the roof still exploding) I will be back to retune again. Currently with my gains dialed in (and my EQ flat) I have to run the subs at -14db to not rip the roof apart. Some interesting shiznitch on the drive to the shop this morning... Damage was done listening to Peter Gabriel "Salsibury Hill" at volume setting 21 with the subs at -12db.


Pretty happy with the bass amp rack, box and over all install. Just dying to let her rip.


Side note, a Forester is built just as poorly as other Subies. ZERO sound insulation on the roof. Not to mention the cross members are not mounted or adhered to the roof panel. 1/2" gap with small rubber pads for the roof material to slam against. Filled all the seams with expanding foam, then laid out 2 layers of .5mil deadener.



I have no microphone capable of recording what I hear. No vid would do justice. But, I can record quarters bouncing off car parts, LOL.






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You cracked the windshield already??



What are you using to set your gains properly?



And it does not matter if the mic can't pick up the SPL. At least, have a camera with high frame rate if possible so we can see the driver excursion, roof flex,etc..

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Cracked the windshield and launched the rear view mirror. LOL.




Used an O-scope to set my gains. Symbilinks use a high voltage signal. My HU outputs 5v to the RCA. But the Symbilink drivers up it to 12-16v. I dont trust my ears anymore. Too much volume over too many years.




Best camera I usually have around in my phone. S7. Kinda of humorous, but as I was leaving yesterday we were joking about how cool it is to be up to speed with the new 90's tech now. LOL. Shop owner (who lets me use the bay and tools) was working on his own car. Installing a new HU with Apple Play. I was like, WTF is Apple Play and why do I want compression? He just laughed at me and started making the jokes about being up to speed with the new tech.

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That's impressive on 1400W. Been using a MMATS Dreadnaut 15" in a 3.5cu ft ported enclosure on 2700 W RMS for like 3 years in my OB in the past. I had the rear view mirror fall I think once or twice; set up car alarms when I drove by cars parked, had some pretty good roof flex (and sunroof flex) as well. But I have yet to crack my windshield :lol:. But yeah, your total cone area vs. a single 15" + your port size is probably moving a good amount of air. And I admit my power supply was weak...

You're giving me ideas now even though I am still planning to build a monster enclosure for my TC Sound driver.




Have you weighted your box with speakers and amp? Curious about the total weight. And you're not afraid about vibration to your amp? I damaged a transistor once in an amp due to the enclosure vibrations. Although I cannot really tell if your amp is really attached to the box.




Finally, you know about D'amore Engineering DD-1 tool to check for distortion @ 40Hz and 1KHz? It's not too bad.

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Windshield was probably not the most structurally sound to begin with. But the crack is already about 24 inches long and goes up and down in a zig zag. Its a keeper.


Roof repair worked. Able to go full tilt now. Ummm gonna lose the back glass if I push it. Its vibrating HARD. The wiper is slamming. F it. I wont be listening at those levels all the time. But I have yet to play anything more than The Chronic for bass content. Santana, winwood, dire straights, black crowes, megadeath, disturbed, dre all played great. In the garage with door open it took me a minute to realize it was my tool box vibrating, not the roof.


Enclosure with subs is 225lbs. Amp is on 1.5" thick mdf. Not too worried. Adjusted rear coils up this morning to accomodate new weight. Need new tires anyway so new tires and aligment on the to do list.


Overall not too shabby for a 15 year old car, 10yr old hu, 17yr old class a/b amps, 16yr old front speakers 10yr old rear speakers and 8yr old subs.


If in the end I want/need processing and auto analyzation I will use an ARC psm or ps8.

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Just been playing with the system and breaking in the subs. Laughed my arse off bumpin 2 Live Crew for the 1st time in probably 20yrs.


I will work on a vid of the woofers playing. There is very little body vibration now. Just the rear hatch glass and frame at high volume. Nothing I can do about that. 40" of cone and the ports slamming it.

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No SPL metering (yet). Who listens to burps? But... playing MUSIC I have itchy nose bass and when I push it I can scramble my vision.


Technically that means I should be hitting at least 144db while playing music. As the box is tuned for 31.8hz an 80hz burp might be a lower SPL. My current sub x-over setting is at 80hz with a 12bd roll off. I did not build the system for comp, I built it to listen to and I dont listen to it at those levels. I just piss off the public.

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I actually dont have any bass mekenik. But I guarentee I have stuff that drops into the 20s. I do not have a sub sonic filter, so I need to be in car listening just in case when trying to really drop a note. They are only 10's.


Dj Magic Mike

Bass Boy

Bass Outlaws

Techmaster PEB

Temple of Boom

Bass 305


2 Live Crew

Gucci Crew


Eazy E



Snoop Dog

House of Pain

50 Cent


Most of the bass after that never drops below 40-50hz. But I have multiple discs from each of these artists.


I have over 600cds in my collection, but only so many from my high school bass stomping days. LOL.


Dont make me regret not selling the four 10s and buying two 15s. LOL.

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The vids sound like shit too. My tool box is acting as a passive radiator and vibrating like mad. Not to mention the metal garage door and the disassembled Spec B (those are the trunk vents flapping to the bass). But what the hell. Might as well shake the house apart too.


Dont ask about the home system. I broke the oven door and the fireplace with Techmaster PEB.

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Dont make me regret selling the four 10s and buying two 15s. LOL.



No. Not 15s. 18s! Although, you could also have 10s that may be able to handle a bit more excursion (DDs?). But then, you'd still have to make a different box.

Still though, curious to see how the subs behave below tuning. You have to be careful of course.




I have yet to build the enclosure for my 18" TC Sound LMS Ultra. That sucker is already 86 lbs alone though. Sucks. Still, I cannot wait to hear and feel the lows from it.






So with your NAV system, you cannot play Youtube videos and stuff like that?

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I might be able to. I would have to save them to a usb device or ipod (which I dont have). I do not believe I can bt stream via my phone. The hu and nav screen are 10 years old. In car internet was not yet an available technology then. It was a $1500 head unit in 08.


I have 1 more available vid input and 1 ipod vid input and 1 usb input. The phone is hands free via bt.

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Recording of subs going below port tuning frequency. Lower volume setting than the other recordings (have to be careful), but all other settings are the same. The phone mic cant pick up the notes, they are too low. Sound is just a bunch of over modulation. Sorry.


Used Bass Outlaws (Illegal Bass) track 12 (Extreme Woofer Test) which is known to have sub 20Hz notes.



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Illegal Bass!! That was actually my favorite Bass album back in the day.




Yeah. So it looks like you will have to be a bit careful below port tuning freq. Other than that, solid system. Great work.



Have you been monitoring voltage drops? Do you have any?

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Gotta have Bass Outlaws "Illegal Bass". Bass Boy, Bass Outlaws and Techmaster PEB all worked together and the discs are classic bass. I have been bumping this copy since 1994. It has battle scars from my old Clarion deck.


Caught the first drop a few nights ago. Was pushing it for at least 30 minutes. Lights and fogs on with both screens active. It was small(ish) and the lights barely dimmed but I caught it. 14.3v dropped to 13.9 with the bass hits. I knew the alternator was probably not big enough. But, I dont have the $650 for a custom made MechMan. I had an oem gutted and built to 170a by a supplier I have used. It cost me $130.


I always knew I was going to have to be careful down low. I rarely encounter sub 30hz. Only a handful of songs drop into that range (unless your into pipe organs) even on bass discs. My buddy (known since middle school) is wanting a new xtra cab truck with a wall. He misses itchy nose bass. Trying to convince him to go 15s instead of 12s just for the subsonic booms.

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Went out with a friend and did some "testing" before the UFC last night. Was able to reproduce the voltage drop. We were REALLY pissing off John Q Public (it was frigging Saturday night on the towns main drag for Christs sake).


Lights and fogs on, both screens active and we had been SLAMMING for at least 40 minutes. The woofers are really breaking in now. Stop and go traffic. Loud enough to have the lady in the Benzo next to us SCREAM at my buddy (who shrugs and screams back "Im the f in passenger what do u want me to do?). Then the headlights dim to Gucci Bass.


I lowered it for about 30 sec to let the alt catch up, then I switched discs giving everything another 30 to recover. Then I launched like the shuttle into DJ Magic Mikes "Drop the Bass (Pt2) and... WOW.


Itchy nose bass, followed by scrambled vision, followed by my throat collapsing like I got Karate chopped in the adams apple. Had to shut it down and immediately proceeded to cough up a lung. So did my buddy. Man it brought back memories of being 19 for both of us. We laughed all the way back home. Thats the shit that used to make my wife swear I was gonna go blind and deaf bumping (25 years ago).


Mission accomplished with 10s. Dropping a quad works.


We spent the entire UFC looking at the ARC catalog and going over measurements of the 2018 Colorado. Friends dont let friends bump alone. We were working on each others systems in high school and his old Toyota Sr5 4x4 hit a note. He said "Im gonna have a mid life crisis and I need that shit in my life".


With both of our bodies reactions to the extended bass, theres no way Im not hittin north of 145db in a daily driver. Thats damn respectable.

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