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South East rand0m thread


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you been drinkin? a little head injury this morning? Im worried about your health, you should see a doctor

No I don’t like people that come into something that dosent pertain to them, then call someone else gay and get my thread locked. You really need something better to do…go back to the tikki.










Melayout is gay.







so is deepfreeze and all the north central peeps




Countown to thread lock....


Oh, I get it. Bu11dogg is bored again, so now we're all teh gay and whatever. Nice. IBTL. I say just delete the post. Why should we have to have our thread shut down by someone else?


You just called Rao (a mod) gay?



Are you insane? Have you lost your mind? He has the fastest stock car in here for christ sake!




Guess, I was too rough on you last nite.


Wooahh, IBtl.


I could comment....but that would most certainly get this thing locked up.













Now lock this shit!!

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