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Weird noise before startup


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When I put my key in the on position (when the needles do their sweeps), I hear this whooooop noise coming from the engine bay. This only happens when the engine is cold. Anybody else hear this with their car?


In my previous car, I heard something similar and it turned out to be the starter going bad. Thoughts and opinions please.

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From http://www.legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php? t=20588&highlight=fuel+pressure+regulator :


From http://techinfo.subaru.com :



Noise from Pressure Regulator Service Bulletin #09-41-05

Pages: 2


Bulletin Description: The purpose of this bulletin is to address noise that can occur when turning the ignition switch from the ýONý position, to the ýSTARTý position during engine cranking. When the ignition switch is turned on, the fuel pump begins to activate and pulsate. This noise may be audible. The pressure regulator was modified to prevent this pulsating noise. If you encounter a noisy pressure regulator, replace it with the modified one.





Actual TSB at http://www.scoobymods.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4809 .


I've had it since day one and 35k miles later I haven't bothered bringing it up to the dealer since I don't want to mess with anything if it ain't broke.

I keed I keeed
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I have just started to get it too... now that winter is here. It is kind of a whoop whoop whistling noise upon cold engine start up...


I'm glad I stumbled across this thread. Thanks for the info Melayout.

Not too concerning that I will make the dealer fix it though.

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I'm with some of the other guys in that this noise doesn't particularly bother me, and I haven't encountered it but, like, perhaps twice, so I haven't felt the need to pursue this TSB with the dealership....


It reminds me of my old DSM's Walbro, the "Knight Rider mobile," so I'm not particularly concerned. ;)

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Original poster,


How about a follow up? what was it? did it get fixed?


If you're talking to me, I didn't get it fixed. I followed the link and it seems like it's just another one of Subaru's quirks. If it happens more frequently and gets louder, then I'll give the dealership a try. It will probably be hard duplicate once the engine has warmed up...and if I leave it overnight and have them try to duplicate the problem, the tech will probably not hear it in their noisy shop.

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got it to... sounds like the car is whinning... i want to take it to the dealer.. but dont want to leave the car there overnight for them to duplicate the problem... i happens very random... sometimes in the morning.. sometimes no.. and some other times even if the car was on 3hrs before....
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