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Help me buy new brakes

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So I bought a new set of pads and rotors for my 05 GT. They were drilled and slotted, but they were cheap, just something to hold me over for a bit to pass inspection. However, when we started installing them we realized the front pads and rotors didn't fit. Rotors were too thicc and the pads were for a different shape caliper. The rear pads and rotors fit just fine. I was confused as heck, then I figured the fronts were more for an aftermarket setup or something, idk. I'm not dumb I swear :redface:


I'm running the stock calipers, and no spacers or anything. What Brake kits do you guys recommend? Links would be a great help! :icon_bigg

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IIRC the SpecB has thicker rotors. Don't quote me on that though.


I ran into something similar when I ordered my EBC brakes. Apparently the Mitsubishi Eclipse are similar size, but not quite right. The place I ordered from called me after I ordered to confirm what type of vehicle I had, and they changed my order to the correct part number.


In the future, avoid drilled rotors. They are prone to cracking. Slotted are fine, but generally aren't necessary for regular street driving (which I say while having slotted rotors on my car :o ). The slotted do look good though. :)

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Spec B brakes are exactly the same as LGT brakes. The only thing the Spec B had different mechanically over the LGT was the 6 spd in the last 2 years of production.


Get stock blanks for like $30 ea and get a performance street pad like hawk HPS or EBC Greenstuff.


I would make sure you got the right brakes for the front, there are many years of subaru that have the same rear

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Pretty much what he said ^ except, 07-09 Spec B's have the 6mt. FWIW, I have swapped rotors and pads between both my cars.


Last April I replace all calipers on both my cars. Best thing I've done for the brakes in many years. HINT, HINT.


These brakes are easy to work on.


You may enjoy having this,




OH, Welcome to the forum.

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