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Anyone have experience with quickspool valves?

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Presently I have a dyno tune scheduled for the 27th so I can get a comparison on the same set up of my efr 6758 to a efr 7163 with TMIC on non Dual AVCS. (06 outback xt).


Then recently a prototype turbine housing with integrated quickspool came up on ebay. Without thinking I made an offer and it got accepted. I'm now realising I will have to modify my exhaust because this thing wont just drop in.


Here is a link to what it looks like.




Should I do it? Will it be worth it? It wont give me same to same comparisons, but it might give me low end of the 6758. I'd like to stop at 500-525 hp and not go much over that. But the housing itself will cost me a 350 and modifying the exhaust may be another couple hundred and it won't allow me to go back to the 6758 without modifying again if thats what I want.


Would love some quick feedback if there is any.

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