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Starting to look at 4th gens

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I have several 2nd gen Legacy's, but thinking about getting a 4th gen Outback.


I saw an ad for an '05 Outback- based model but with the 3.0 H6 engine. I've been back and forth on whether I would want a 6 (I am solid Phase 1 EJ22 fan in my second gens).


Per my research the pros of the EZ30 would be:


More power

Comparable MPG's to an EJ25

An extra gear with the 5EAT transmission

Timing chain

Fewer headgasket issues than the EJ25, but still happen on occasion



Tighter fit/ harder to work on

Premium gas (is it required or preferred?)

If headgaskets do go, more expensive to replace


Does anyone else have anything to add to the EJ25 vs. EZ30 argument? I don't really need the additional power, but it would be nice if the MPG's aren't lower. Having to run premium would be a minus for me given how much more than the 87 octane I normally run.

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