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What u like about the wagon?

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Little better balanced, so I've heard..

Extra utility is always handy.

Room of course is a plus especially if you enjoy camping, overnighters,

or have a Dog / Kid / Wife or all of the above.


Oh yeah, biggest bonus, The rear seats fold down. :) Do that with ur See-Dan.


As for weight, I don't think it's that much heavier actually, Wheelbase I think is the same too.

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Bigger trunk, seats fold down, factory roof rails and the fact you can get a 5MT in an LGT wagon (well at least in 2005). Oh, and the priceless look you get from faces when they realized they've been smoked by.....a wagon.


Oh, and in a pack of cars, cops won't even give you a second look (sleeper). icon_mrgreen.gif

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Oh, and the priceless look you get from faces when they realized they've been smoked by.....a wagon.


Oh, and in a pack of cars, cops won't even give you a second look (sleeper). icon_mrgreen.gif


sounds like a lot of fun, and I like the 'sleeper' factor

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I can honestly say that if I had the chance to go through my car buying process all over again, I would lean more towards a wagon. The sun/moon/galaxy:icon_bigg roof is great and the major thing that swayed my away from the wagon is the fact that was trading in a SUV and wanted something less "utilitarian". Definately a good looking vehicle.
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Better shade for rear passengers, easier to load the kids in and out. Look better, I think the weight distribution is very slightly closer to 50:50, so it handles at least as well. You can lie comfortably in the back.


But the main reason was that the sedan's seat doesn't fold and I like to be able to take my pushbike inside the car.

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is the wagon heavier though?

any downside to the wagon's extra length and weight?

55 lbs of extra weight and 2.5 inches of extra length is not a noticeable difference.

The car is a total sleeper, which is a good and bad thing.

The police don’t give it a second glance :)

The average person doesn’t give it any respect :(

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You can do this:



and this:



all in the same day!



Looks like a Sealy Posturpedic Restore Twin set from Mattress Discounters!
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"So stick a fat guy in the back seat of the sedan and it'll match the wagon"


Jeez, I didn't realize I was a fat guy at 205 lbs :)


I bought the wagon -- In my opinion it looks cooler. When I started looking for a new car -- I was looking for another SUV (I had an Isuzu Rodeo with 175K on the clock). Primarily I was looking at the Volvo xc90 and the like.


One day -- after being revived when I collapsed viewing the sticker price on an xc90 with leather and sunroof, I took a seat in a Mazda 6 wagon (it was next to the xc90) and the dealer thought I should sit for a few minutes. I looked around and said -- wow-- this has alot more room than I thought.


Went home an started researching sporty wagons. Over the next few days, the Legacy GT LTD just rose head and shoulders above the rest -- in performance, reputation for reliability and most important -- POWER.


So I got it.


On a more practical note -- I have 2 rugrats and a woodworking/carpentry hobby. On my first 10 day vacation I brought the whole family and all toys, clothes, etc without any problem. Later I went over a buddy's house to repair a deck and I was able to fit all needed tools -- compressor, nailers, table saw with Rosseau table, chop saw and other stuff without any problem.


Essentially, the only thing I can't do with the Leggy GT is carry a full sheet of plywood. (and my little mind is trying to scheme a design for a rack to carry 2 full sheets)


Considering its utility, styling and power -- the Wagon is an easy choice -- and I'm not even mentioning the AWD.


And most importantly (even for a 40 year old that doesn't feel the need to prove anything on the road anymore) was the look on that guy driving the Caddy CTS get beat on 4 sets of lights in a row -- by a wagon! He was PISSED -- and his chick looked amused. I loved it. Transported me back 20 years when I drove a beat up County Squire LTD wagon with a 351 Clevland 4bbl. (Yes the family truckster with the fake wood panels) Could take an IROC without building up a sweat.


-Dan C.

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I am a big fan of wagons (and hatchbacks). I am not a fan of sedans, and I honestly don't understand why they are so popular in the U.S. (Don't even get me started on coupes.) Wagons are starting to gain popularity here, but they've been much more popular in Europe for a long time.


Wagons hold a lot more stuff. I carry cargo, such as musical instruments, often enough that a sedan would seriously cramp my style.


In the case of Subarus, the wagons' rear seats fold down, whereas the sedans' don't. I could get by with a larger sedan with fold-down rear seats (as I did with an Audi A6 loaner for a few weeks), but I could not get by with any car whose rear seats do not fold down.


If there weren't a wagon version of the LGT (or OBXT), I wouldn't own a Subaru today.


If you're going to spend all these $$$s on a car, why buy something that is less capable? I honestly don't see the objective need for sedans, when we have such capable wagons.




I've always been a fan of sedans, but am considering trading-in for the wagon. Other than the obvious facts (more versatile, etc.), is there anything else that made u guys decide on the wagon?


appreciate any comment, thanks! :)

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