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Diagnosing the Data from my AP


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I also have undiagnosed knock that I am trying to solve. In another thread for 4th Gen models I asked for help reading the log from my AP. This is a better place to post the questions I have.


I do not plan on doing any more WOT tests as I don't want to go boom.


The test numbers I am posting are from last nights 3rd gear pull.


I am learning how to read the numbers and need an interpretor. I am not clueless, but also not a pro.


What I have done so far:

-Cleaned MAF.

-Installed new paper air filter.

-Cleaned fuel system with BG 44k in gas tank not with pro system, twice.

-I have had a ongoing vaccuum leak that has been corrected by sealing the ends of the TGV's. 3 smoke tests later and its all sealed up. No leaks after being on the smoker for 30 minutes.


Here is the log file from my AP.


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Easy way to view it online: https://log.malonetuning.com/chart/232658#H8KLCADDtMKrw7laAgPCncKRw50OwoMgDEbDn8KFw6vCksKIP8Kow49iwrwgwoMpCcKRBcK7w4XDrcOpByYzS2bCucOYbQ%2FDp2tLwofCgV3CvMOzw4HCvgzCgwLDmGQWExQaNkIiw4vDgwTDpMOow7nDhsOVZsOXw7REVAkpwq3DucOzwqjCsWDCpxl3ZzXDuAXChgJKwqjCowMVwogSGsKQw5BCBz3CiBgkR2BiwpfDlB3DvXpzFsO3BnUqw41WG8KuFcKqGMKYwqotYMK4wpszIsOkwoHCtEfDrsOsElfDucKtXMKVW0%2FDvcKSTsOOIMKaVCQqaMKpJhEdRzsNSSQ9Ai11JMOpw6nCuMOMwrLCmcOPwqPDj8OUw5PCqMOLWcKZAcO%2Fw6kVL0XCs8Ocw4rCpMO1CRzDn8OSAGLDpcKMAwAA


Some tips:

- Don't bother logging some of those parameters... get rid of accel position, battery voltage, barometric pressure, DA and DAM, boost error. Sometimes it's useful to log these, but when tuning certain things. Here, I assume your boost control looks okay, so you don't need barometric, boost error, etc. Since your DAM isn't dropping, you don't need to log DAM (and pretty much shouldn't ever need to log DA).


If you trust your MAF scaling, you can also get rid of the MAF volt parameter. That's only really useful if you're tuning your MAF table.


I'd add in A/F sensor #1 to your list of logged parameters. It won't do too much for a WOT log (you need a wideband if you want to tune timing/fueling for power), but it's useful to make sure you're not running dangerously lean. AF correction/learning are useful to help fine-tune your MAF scaling at low loads (during closed-loop fueling).


If you're trying to diagnose/tune fueling problems, you'll want to log injector duty cycles.


Logging fewer parameters can give you smoother logs, which is always nice.


Generally it's good to start the log before your WOT pull instead of during it, like in the case of this log.


Learn more about the above here: http://www.romraider.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=5384


Quick overview of the log you posted:


- Not knowing your tune, the boost control looks good.

- There was a knock event before the log started (which is why your FBKC is at -4.2° to start). There were knock events at 5.889sec, 7.98sec, 9.943sec, 10.316sec, and 12.535sec. You can see this in the log by seeing where your FBKC or FLKC decrease over time. Every time they decrease, the car heard knock at the knock sensor. In this case since it's at high RPM/load, it's likely real and something to worry about. Possibly a combination of timing/fueling issues, so next steps would be to start logging relevant data to that, which again, may require a wideband O2 sensor.


Anything in particular you'd like clarified in that log? Plenty of reading over at the RomRaider forums if you want to learn more about general tuning, diagnosis and interpretation of logs.

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You are right I am very interested in tuning. The link you provided is a great addition to the site and should be stickied up top.


Thank you for providing me some clear knowledge as well. I really appreciate your experience!


Great news is that I swapped out the MAF and all went back to normal.


The clue that gave it away was that once I cleaned the MAF it ran well for a short run but would go to shit if driven more than a few miles after clearing the ECU.


I still plan on getting a pro tune and the Tactrix cable showed up today.


These cars are finicky.

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