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EVO X: I like it a lot...

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Has everyone seen the EVO X concept car? It's reported to be a very accurate representation of the '07 EVO. I like the styling a lot. I never would've considered the old/current version, which looks like a Lancer with a big wing on the back.....but this...NICE.







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I would want to body-color match that dull, light gray bar across the "blue whale" open mouth grill. It just looks too unfinished the way it is now.


a color matched snap-on plastic/fiberglass piece could solve that easily...but i would think more people would want to see that plactic piece just go away but it seems to be there for 'crash worthiness' reasons......all in all that design is YUMMY


hope those subaru designers are taking notes

If only they'd sell the EVO's for 27K and not 30+++++K


great design/execution....phenomenal lines....no criticisms whatsoever!!!

only the nissan GTR looks better (but that looses the extra 2 doors since thats a coupe)

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i bet a bunch of those goodies won't make it to the US. intriguing tho.


Exactlyt, those japanese must think we are a bunch of jerks here in the States, none of all those cars/goodies make it to here, look at our Spec B? Joke!!! Now finally the AUdi RS4 ($$$$$$$$$$) is coming but no S3 though, Nissan Skyline, Even the STi, different drivetrain, and the list goes on and on and on.....


Flavio Zanetti

Boston, MA

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Did someone say wagon version? Mitsubishi's Concept Evo X's twin sister, the Concept Sportback.





Subaru had better be on it's game for the new Impreza, and I've said it before, but the B5 concept ain't it.


Although I don't really like the new gaping maw grille theme, from Audi, Nissan (GTR), or Mitsubishi...

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