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Carp's Interior Redesign

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Edit: 06/13/18 - Forgot to mention...I'm done :) - well as much as I can allow myself to be for now. I mean do we ever truly stop modding? Need to swap door panel leathers and get my new Sparcos in...but that's it.


Pictures updated in this post 1 with the final(ish) results.




Welp, I haven't posted in here forever and a day now, so I wanted to let you all know that a full interior customization isn't impossible...starting a thread to detail my progress.


The Plan:

Full satin black interior with all silver/woodgrain removed and replaced with carbon fiber trim...red accented. Some "one off" pieces like usb chargers in the door rests, custom door panels & functional Si drive dial.

  • X Remove all tan interior pieces
  • X Dye all interior pieces satin black
  • X Hydrodip interior trim c/f black or red
  • X Move headrest monitors to overhead
  • X Alcantara headliner
  • X Install custom Redline door sills/console lid
  • X Install various knick-knacks - door hole covers, red trim, etc.
  • X Revinyl wood grain trim to carbon fiber black
  • Swap out Sparco seats for "better" Sparco seats
  • X Install DAMD steering wheel
  • X JDM instrument cluster face w/red trim rings
  • X Glass all door panels to accept Pioneer P.R.O. 6.5" components
  • X Hack rear deck to accept 4" Pioneer P.R.O. tweeters
  • X Hack dash to accept 3.5" Pioneer P.R.O. tweeters
  • X Finish usb/power outlets routing to rear door panels or backside console
  • X Route stereo mic to overhead vent
  • X Console usb/aux make functional again
  • Custom sub/amp/tank trunk enclosure
  • X Swap Pioneer Avic-Z150 for NEX8200
  • X Swap Pioneer 6.5 Components for Pioneer P.R.O. components & tweeters
  • X Swap Pioneer amps x3 for Pioneer D9605 x2 & D9601 x1 @ 1ohm dual
  • X Sti red stitched shifter
  • X Sti pedals
  • X JDM cupholder w/lid
  • Si drive dial (functional for ???)
  • X Custom shifter bezel



Step 1: come up with a general plan. I opted to look online at styles I liked, then at our own interior and mapped out what pieces I wanted what color, the theme, layout, etc.

Step 2: start taking apart the interior...start with the doors, then floor trim, and move front to back. Every piece can be removed without destroying it, so take your time.

Step 3. remove headliner...I managed to get mine through the passenger rear door by flexing it a little. Be careful and wear gloves...the backing feels like fiberglass in your skin!


















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That looks like it's going to be a fun journey. I will be very curious to see how it turns out!


How do you like the current Sparco seats you have in the car?


I hate them to be honest, which is why I ordered another set. These are too short, with zero back leg support, the hip huggers are too tall, so I risk a nice ass crack check when I get in and out of the car.

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Kinda sucks you have to waste the money on something like that to find out you don't like them.

Haha, nobody needs an ass crack reveal, unless your ole lady is into that kinda thing.;)


She has sat in this car at most 3 x's in 4 years. But she hates these seats...these will go into my son's E30.

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Making some progress...

DAMD wheel is installed...and pieces are soaking


Step 4: remove all cotton backing and electronic pieces from trim (if you didn't during teardown). Take pictures so you know where the cotton backing gets reapplied.

Step 5: clean thoroughly. I dumped all the pieces in the giant tub, sprayed down with Mean Green and scrubbed. Then rinsed and soaked everything in hot water with Dawn soap...then another scrubbing.



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Whats your plan changing the color on these plastic pieces?


From this into this and eventually into this...full satin black, with carbon fiber trim and red accents.


Step 6: I opted to use SEM paints which are best in class for this type of job. Remember you don't want to use crap paint. If you have to sand down a run you will lose the factory texture.


SEM Prep Cleaner (1 can)

SEM Adhesion Promoter (our interior plastics are not effected by acetone) (1-2 cans)

SEM Color Coat (3-4 cans)

I used 1 can of prep, 2 cans of promotor, and 4 cans of color coat...this was for the whole interior and back deck which took up a full can of color on it's own


Step 7: follow the instructions on the cans. DO NOT DEVIATE! One light coat, another opposite pattern light coat, one full coat. Then the base coat...same way. I used 4 coats of color.





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Donatelli and I were just talking about you...forgot you were local. Come over and help me put this back in :)


We met once. I still have the CF eyebrows from you that I was going to put on my old Outback.

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Functional Si drive?? How?


I've been searching on how to "reprogram" them to use for other functions. What have you figured out?


I didn't notice that in the first post. Did you figure out how to get a Si drive dial to work?

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Wow, that was a lot of work. Looks really good. What is the Si Drive knob setup to do?


Thanks buddy! Nothing at the moment...I was going to do something with it, but I literally could not think of a single thing that was half way feasible. So it just sits there quietly, looking purdy and that's it.

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Thanks buddy! Nothing at the moment...I was going to do something with it, but I literally could not think of a single thing that was half way feasible. So it just sits there quietly, looking purdy and that's it.


It does look purdy :).

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