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Who has the Cusco Zero - 2e coilovers for the cheapest?


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how much are cusco zero 2 coilovers? I have never seen them available on any vendor



RalliTek has them, they are around $2K. I have a set on my OBXT right now. They will be coming off soon to go to another board member here. SnoDork is also running them on his wagon. Great set up.




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are noises and clunks pretty much a given when installing coilovers? i have my eyes set on these but it seems the noise factor turns me off


To some extent...yes. Teh springs are on solid metal perches. in an OEM set up, there are rubber fittings that seat the springs, this reduces the noise and rattles. since the coilovers are adjustable, having a rubber seat on the perch would basically make it impossible to adjust them, (very difficult to rotate the perch while under load when adjusting height.)


I have only notice small, very small, rattles at very low parking lot speeds. but once over about 10mph, they go away. I do hear a "swish" noise when going over speed bumps...this is a product of the dampers working...I really like that, sounds like a small BOV. Betsy loves the noise they make, she get's a kick out of them.


Overall, coilovers are way worth it, they are adjustable, and can be tuned to fit your needs. The Cusco's have one of the higher spring rates, so they are a bit stiffer, almost eliminating the need for sway bars.


You can see from the top hat, in the attachments above, that the fronts are adjustable from the inside of the engine bay, the rears have to be taken out, or a small access hole cut into the panel that covers it from the inside of the car. I was about to do this on my car, cutting about a 1" circle and getting a filler cap to cover it. That way I can get in there and turn the dial with a small screw driver without having to pull the rears out to adjust them.


That pretty much holds true for most coilovers for our cars...they adjust the same way.

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