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debadging Canadian LGT


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Just a quick question! I think I know the answer to this but thought I would just check.


I've recently purchased a LGT wagon which I pick up on Saturday...(Can't wait).


Well I asked the salesman if it was possible for them to remove the model badges on the back. He told me that the badges are drilled and attached to the bodywork.:confused:


I know that lots of you have removed the them and they were just stuck on. Are the Canadian Car badges attached in a different way or is it just that the salesman doesn't know what he's talking about? I was looking at removing the "Legacy" and the "2.5 GT"

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Tell him to do it or you won't take delivery of the car...hahaha, no, but its really easy to debadge...there is a thread around here somewhere, but I used some dental floss to cut through the sticky stuff behind the letters, peeled the letters away, then cleaned it all up with some goo gone, and scratch x (removes the letter's imprint).

Like stated before, you can't take the subaru emblem off, without exposing holes.

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Tell the sales man to get off the crack.


Or don't, and just go home and take the wording off with a hair dryer and some dental floss. But Don't take off the blue Subaru Star badge, first because it looks way too cool, and second, because it actually is screwed on with 2 pegs that you will have to fill, and paint.


But nobody actually takes off the star badge.


edit- Rallispec pointed this out in the FIRST response. I just don't like to read.

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easy to debadge the car.....use a hairdryer and heat up the items for about 45 seconds or so of direct heat...I used a plastic spatula from the kitchen to lift up on them and all my cars and logos lifted up easily and peeled off in once piece...just go slow is all.


My Trailblazer had logos pretty much all across the back deck....here it is clean :)



My Accord is clean shaven too:



I even did the 5oz GTP logos back when I had my GP's:


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I was thinking more like making the car more non descript from the back. The chrome badges look very elegant on the rear trunk. With out the badge in the back it could be confused for a honda or toyota whitch can be a good thing. A parking ticket in NY can be thrown out if it indicates a different car . Although the computerized tickets some meter maids use scans the bar code off the registration sticker thus eliminating that defense.


my badges will be off this weekend.

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