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Group N motor mounts - reusing original plate?

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Hi everyone,

I am in the process of installing the Group N motor mounts.

I have the mounts bolted and torqued, and i had a difficult time lowering the engine back onto the subframe.


My question is, are the original (circular) plates that held the OEM mounts necessary between the subframe and group N mount?


Also, any pointers on aligning the engine onto the subframe? I have the pitch-stop removed and the drivers side goes in but the passenger side is not aligning.


Any pointers appreciated.


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You should only be using the new mounts with the plates they came with, along with two nuts per mount (that generally need to be purchased separately from the mounts since they're not included, I believe they're M10-1.25) to hold the plate to the mount itself. Looks like you've figured all that out already, anyhow.


I'd try lifting the engine again and seeing if there's enough give to move it to align the passenger side... It should just drop right into place, as BMB said above.

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