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Let's see all of your Subarus

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I guess it is a given that we all own Subarus...and mostly 5th Gen Legacys :wub:

But some of us have multiple Subies and have owned various other ones in the past.... Lets see some pics of all your Subraus from the past and the present :eek:


Ours are......

2002 Impreza RS


2005 STi




2006 Impreza Sport (Dealer options to look like a WRX) Scooby Too's first Subaru



2006 Legacy GT 5MT



2012 Legacy 2.5 Limited..... Currently Scooby Too's car


2013 Legacy 3.6R Limited


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First Subaru was the 02' 5spd. Tried to put a spin on a JDM look. Loved that car, crazy stereo system in it probably worth more than the car lol. Sold that shortly after picking up my 5thgen (yes I own a 5thgen :lol:). During the first down time I purchased the 91 SS, 2inch strut spacers and slightly larger tires. Was a really fun car, had the opportunity to make a little money off it so I sold it. Kinda regretted that so with the downtime of my car again I went looking for a wagon. Found the 05 auto na for a hell of a deal last fall so I jumped on it. Then bought the 05gt for some parts and have been parting it out slowly for some extra funds. Might swap the hood onto my wagon but need some vinyl to wrap it in first.

Anyhow I've loved every one of the legacys. Seriously unique feeling in all the different generations on how the designers carried over similarities. I see the vision and will take a lot to pull me away from the model or Subaru in general.

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My first Subaru was a 07 Wrx wagon. Stage 2 with Cobb catless dp, AP and Borla hush cat back.


This is our current Subaru lineup


My 2012 LGT


My wifes 2012 Outback limited


Our sons 2004 Forester XT STI




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First Subaru was a 2005 STi




Then I bought a 1998 Impreza L as a rallyx beater



STi died, then got rid of the Impreza when I bought my S2000 CR. Eventually decided the S2000 made a lousy DD so I started the search for an MT Forester XT. Didn't have any luck finding the XT, so I ended up getting a Forester X 5MT.




Then I eventually traded the Forester in for the Legacy GT, because life without boost is miserable, lol

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Rutchard, your old Impreza's pecker is dragging!

lol yeah, that was less than 24hr after installing the catback too. :lol: Was a loud drive home from the rallyx. Reinstalled it and it fell off again a week later while I was driving and I managed to lose the pipe that connected the cat to the muffler section.


I miss that lil bitch. The 2.2L certainly wasn't quick, but that sucker was unstoppable in the snow.

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Before the 5th Gen, I had an 02 LGT, in Timberline Green Pearl w/ beige leather, beautiful car, unfortunately during that generation the GT didnt come with a turbocharged motor. Sold it with 225k on the clock


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I like this idea.


My family's first Subaru and eventually my first car was a '01 Forester. It current is sitting at 271k miles.




My next car was a '10 Legacy 3.6R still till this day. I absolutely love this thing.



Next car is my brother's car. '04 WRX with an S204 EJ207 swap



Newest addition was a '09 Tribeca for long hauls and grocery shopping


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