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Proper fun??

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Back with a silly question.. Have a 05 legact gt w/turbo. Recently started snowing out here in colorado and ive been able to play in it 😁😋

However i am being gentle, not red lining it. (In the past, cars ive tried having fun in the snow with would start getting leaks, running funky, etc...) is this ok to romp around a bit or should i probably not.. Lol obviously watch out for other motorists but thats obvious 😂. Tips for car care while while playing in the snow would be cool 😜

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Hooning around in the snow is easier on the car than dry or wet pavement. It does'nt grab and jerk the drivetrain when you correct after teh Powerslide. The car will be okay with your discretion in check.Funky running and leaks is not highly likely from goosing it in the snow once in awhile.


Have fun with it.

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Have fun, but remember sometimes you have to pay to play.


Troof. Donuts are best kept short and sweet... spin for too long, and too quick/tight, and risk bottom-end oil starvation. All that oil goes to the heads and stays there, thanks centripetal force!


Snow donuts of winters past.


Me, too!





LW's spec. B / YT / IG
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I'd like to piggyback on the OP by asking about a concern I have -


Sometimes when I pull out of a driveway and it's a little wet out, I like to give it some gas while I'm taking off and turning. What happens is as I'm turning and boost hits the rear end slides out a little bit briefly but it's pretty clear that the rear wheels are spinning without traction and the front wheels DO have traction.


Then I let off the gas a little so I don't lose control and I just drive normally.


Will that destroy something (center diff, etc?)?

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