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SteelbluesleepR's 2007 OB2.5i build thread


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30499264713_e4ee7f4ac9_b.jpgIMG_3832 by Jayson Carey, on Flickr

I took a train from St. Louis to Chicago to pick up my new car, a 2007 Outback 2.5i with a manual transmission, and drove it all the way back with my wife. I needed something newer, nicer, and more reliable than my old EP3 Si. I work in the camera department TV and films, so I need something that can carry cases upon cases of equipment, but I also want the fun and efficiency of a car.


The only major issues at the moment are a soft clutch and bad hatch wiring. I've already pulled the wiring harness and am about to order the replacement.


Mods: As of right now, it's completely stock, but that's probably not going to be true for long.


future plans:

25% tint all around

Legacy GT Wagon suspension or similar. I want the nice wagon stance this car was supposed to have, not the pseudo-SUV crossover wheel gap it currently has.

18x8 +40 silver or gold wheels

2008-2009 JDM taillights

STI lip

cool white LEDs all throughout the interior, including extra lighting in the hatch for late-night loadouts.

A more permanent Bluetooth solution

other little bits and bobs to make it a nice, good looking, reliable wagon.







30499225603_8162df0309_b.jpgIMG_3905 by Jayson Carey, on Flickr

31162902162_79b0520b5e_b.jpgIMG_3831 by Jayson Carey, on Flickr


30499238363_42f35a12fe_b.jpgIMG_3846 by Jayson Carey, on Flickr

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Thanks man, I do commercial photography and TV/commercial camera work and I started out doing automotive stills. I went out tonight to finally get some decent pictures of this. They aren't my favorite shots ever, but I like em! If you want, you can see my stills portfolio at http://www.eyelevelstl.com


I'm pretty sure they're just the stock 2.5i steel wheels :confused:

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Nice! I really like your work, it's frankly fantastic. I don't tend to do a whole lot of weddings, but they are usually pretty fun. The majority of my wedding work anymore is as a second shooter, so the work on my website is just from a handful of older weddings. Edited by steelbluesleepr
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Yeah those steelies look like they're from a Forester but I've never seen steelies on an outback, is that what the base 2.5i comes with? They look really good on your black OB. My 17" alloys are fugly :( I saw someone else painted Forester steelies and put them on their OB as winter wheels, also looks right.
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My shift boot was really ratty and my shift knob was worn smooth when I bought the car, so I replaced both of them tonight. I got a vinyl shift boot with red stitching, a billet aluminum shift boot retainer, and a black delrin shift knob. The knob isn't quite as big as I'd like, but it was only $11, so I can easily replace it without feeling bad!


Also pictured is my bluetooth adapter. I'll be running the cord through the center console instead of leaving it loose pretty soon.


31940830022_bea43492ed_b.jpgNew shift boot and knob by Jayson Carey, on Flickr

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I just realized I've never updated this! About 3 months after I got it, I popped the engine due to oil starvation. I figured that since it was my newest car I've ever owned, it should be fine. it wasn't. I bought a cheap 92 EX 5spd Coupe that was hit in the back right quarter and needed a clutch, but was otherwise completely fine while it was down.


Long story short, I spent way too long thinking about fixing it before I just found a $250 junkyard motor and swapped it in. It's not perfect, uses about a quart of oil every fillup, and is throwing the annoying P0420 emissions code so it won't give me cruise control, but it's a good car that carries a bunch of shit.


I've had some '11 WRX wheels for a while, but I just got back from working in California to no job, so I needed a small project. I sprayed them in Duplicolor metallic bronze wheel paint and wrapped them in some accidentally-too-small tires that I got from a friend.






That was right after swapping them over, so the suspension isn't settled, making it look super monster-trucked, but it dropped another inch or so after driving it. I'm planning on getting OEM Legacy GT springs, shocks, and struts for it, lowering it another 2 inches. This is my daily driver, so I can't slam it on coilovers, unfortunately. It also desperately needs tint.

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