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Tesla Model 3 - 215mi range for $35k


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GTEASER's 2012 Legacy GT - Sold

GTEASER's 2009 XTeaser - Sold

GTEASER's 1992 Legacy SS - Sold


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I am so tempted to get one.... As much as I love my Subaru the fact that I'll never have to pay for gas and a supercharger is right across the street from where work cost wise it would be saving a lot of money for me and technology wise it'll be EPIC!!



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Mr. Musk is a tad bright :)


They are having a hard time keeping up with Model X fulfillments on pre-orders at over $100k each. This is going to really cause the entry level electric and hybrid car manufacturers/models (prius, leaf, etc) to rethink and relaunch with better technology. My buddy's 70 mile range Leaf at 35k is suddenly a tad antiquated.


Tesla's influence in this market is insane.

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How about the Cadillac version of the Volt at $70K? I always wondered where GM was going with that one... trying to pull Model S buyers away from Tesla and needing to keep the price jacked way up to convince buyers the car had street cred???


No wonder I have only ever seen 1 Cadillac on the road. And probably 6 Teslas every day.

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Yeah, the price point on the ELR has significantly dropped due to decreased sales.


My wife often gets one as a loaner car, and the car is very cool. Talking to a couple of the caddy mechanics, it rides as close to a 'traditional cadillac' as anything on their lot. It really captures the essence of the Cadillac ride. Something that the newer caddys don't really do anymore.


They are based on a similar platform (as the volt), but they do have different finishes and options. Worth 70k? Not in my opinion. Worth the current pricetag of about 60k? Getting closer, but it would need 4 doors and a backseat with about 20% more room.


All things being said, when you enter the Tesla into the mix, the ELR is not worth it at 50k in it's current configuration. It's not a direct competitor of the Tesla however, as its still a hybrid, which is a nice option to have.

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