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Tein Flex Z


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I ordered a set about a month ago. They have been backordered, but I'm told they are shipping soon.


I can post install pics once I get them.


Excellent! I am really interested in these for next year. How they stack up against the competition, as well as how they perform under stress.

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Finally got these in my hands.


Just a word of warning if you are currently in the market for these: according to a couple of vendors that I tried to order these from, they are on backorder from Tein for an indefinite period of time because of a supplier issue. They have no idea when this will be resolved and my guess is that it might be awhile because the Legacy/BL platform is probably not a big seller


The only place that I know of that has them in stock is Rallysportdirect.com (where I got mine) and as of today they show 1 set in stock.


Here are my pics. If you want pics of anything specific, just let me know.


I'm hoping to get these installed this weekend. Unfortunately I won't have much to compare them to. I got my car with the stock suspension and then I swapped to H&R springs a couple years ago. So I won't be able to tell if these are any better/worse than the other coilovers available.






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Just picked a set of these up from Rally Sport Direct. Wont be able to install till next week but excited to see others results with them.





I got mine installed today. Very straightforward. Everything fit nicely. The only minor thing I noticed was that the fronts don't have the hashmarks around the camber bolt, so just pay extra attention or snap a pic of it's position before you screw it off.


The only modification I made during installation was to add a 3/8" thick bit of rubber padding to all the top mounts. Hopefully that cuts some of the NVH versus hard mounting.


I'm not sure why but I'm getting about 29/30 "clicks" between the softest and hardest setting. All the info I see online says there should be 16. I set everything to 15 clicks and did a quick loop around block. Initial impressions were good. The springs are definitely stiffer than what I'm used to. No clunks or odd noises. I softened the fronts by 5 clicks and I'll see how they feel on my commute tomorrow.


I initially set everything to the stock ride height, that's why it looks like the springs are so high in the photos.



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So I got mine installed quicker than I thought I would. Had em one for about 4 days. Only spent maybe a couple hours ridding on em. Like Charged said install was straight forward. Pretty simple. Lowered mine right away before the install. Started with about 2.75" between the collars and that wasn't quite there. So I think I ended up somewhere around 2-2.5" to have a finger gap. Still more room to go down. So I'd say it's safe to assume you can go low enough to tuck. Rode em both full soft and full hard. As you would imagine full soft is way to soft. Ready to set sail. Full hard isn't to bad. I've been on much stiffer. Def not gonna be the daily number tho. I'll probably turn it back 8 or 10 and see what that does. I wouldn't recommend these to people who are looking for a track coil. Just don't seem like they would do the job. For a comfort coil tho these should suffice. I can also confirm that they have much more than 16 clicks. I count about 30 as well.

Happy to answer any questions you guys may have. [emoji106]

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These are special order for the LGT and the price has dropped a few times over the past year. Some US distributors are selling them at $770 US. There was an 8-10 week lead time from when I ordered back in June. Could be another 4-8 on top of that.
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