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What would you do?


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Had a problem last night:




Didn't hit anything, tire just went out on me.



I'm not sure what to ask subaru or bridgestone to do for me and I really don't want to drive around on Bridgestone/Firestone tires anymore.

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I had bridgestones on my Tiburon. call them up directly, and depending on the mileage of the car, and the reason for the blow out, they usually will replace it for free or give you a discount coupon. I wish i still had the number.....
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I brought the car to the dealer yesterday. The dealer was rude and didn't even want to look at the tire and sent me to a bridgetone/firestone store.


Bridestone/Firestone store's manager told me it was because I had Z rated tires and I should switch to H rated.


I told him the tire failed and should be replaced. He had a tech look at and then told me they couldn't determine the cause of failure so they can't waranty it. He then tried to sell me a RE-92 for at a "great" price of $250.


I called up Bridgestone Consumer Affairs (800.367.3872) this morning. Told them about the problem. They asked if any one or any part of the car was damaged. I told them the wheel might be. They gave me another number (800.356.4644) to call. That directed me to voicemail. I left a message.


I then called up Subaru North America.(800.SUBARU3) I told them of the problem. She told me I could contact DOT. I asked to speak with the manager, Rick Pozniak. I told him of the serious nature of the problem and told him I was surprised subaru does not wish to physically inspect the tire. I was told, "Subaru does not manufacture tires." He told me they would make a note of the failure.



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^^^ :lol: ...get used to it...:mad: ....we need a tech from Subaru to chime in here or recommend a dealer with a good service department in every region! :) ...there is money to be made and I am willing to pay the price, if it WILL be done right the FIRST TIME!!!:)
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This isnt the first problem with Brigestone/Firestone I have seen... Just go to Brigestone/Firestone and flat out tell them that if they dont fix it, you will be contacting a lawyer about it. Out of the 2 sets of B/F tires that I have had... BOTH sets blew out, fell apart like a re-tread tire(notice, fell apart... didnt run over anything.), and completely ripped apart the truck and motorhome. (one set was on each, different sets, brand new tires, no physical problems with the vehicles) Both cases, B/F replaced the tire, AND paid for the thousands of $ in damage to the vehicle... I guess you can be thankful that it didnt tear your car apart... :S

But dont let them feed you that BS that they cant determine the reason why it blew out. Simply put, if you cant get the answer you want from the manager there, tell them you want to talk to their manager, if they say they are the highest, tell them flat out... NO, you arent, cause you arent doing anything to fix my problem, I want to talk to your boss. If they still refuse, you might have to go legal on them...

Make sure to bring up their HORRIBLE reputation, and the fact that THEIR tires SPECIFICALLY, have WELL KNOWN and DOCUMENTED problems.

I almost didnt buy the LGT because they had B/F tires... Thats how bad of a reputation they have, and how much personal experience I have had with their problems. But, I cant afford to change them out... :S

Make sure they pay for your tire AND rim... Dont settle for anything less...

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Hey not to get on your case but have you checked the pressure of your other 3 tires?

If any of them are under 36PSI, you might want to put a few pounds of air into them.

The door sticker recommended pressure is rediculously low. I would never feel safe running them at the posted sticker levels.

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That is the first general rule of 'customer service' or 'warranty' in any industry. It's Always the customers' fault the product failed due to neglect, mis-use, abuse, etc, and Never the fault of the product itself.


The only way to get anywhere is to constantly be a thorn in the side of the service group you are dealing with, never go away quietly and never givce up. Once you go away, they forget about you and move on to screwing the next person who comes in.


Companies aren't standing at the service desk with fists full of cash waiting to hand over money as soon as you walk through the door- it doesn't work in their business model.


Edit- another thing that is great about over-the-phone customer service is that its much easier to deny a claim or give a person the runaround when they aren't standing in front of you looming over the desk demanding answers.

It's a lot of effort to keep going to the dealer to demand help, but the manager won't want to see you anymore and be more inclined to help you out just to get you the hell out of there.


That's why I never give my customers bad news over the phone, I always go in and meet with them. It's much harder for them to rant and rave and threaten to cancel orders when I am standing right in front of them.

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my door says front 35, rear 33...I do 36/34...I drive in LA's 10 FWY...really suks...really really bad sectional fwys that go...ba-bump...ba-bump...ba-bump...ahhh!!!


Does Subaru put differant tyre pressure requierments on cars sold in differant parts of the country? Do they use a differant tyre?


The inside door on my LGT Wagon says 32/30?? :confused:

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