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Mods and Laws...

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Hey guys,


If you havent yet noticed that im a novice, you will have by the end of this post. Just remember that even you experts were once beginners =).


Okay I have a bundle of questions to ask you guys...


1. I was thinking of tinting my windows 20% around and 45% on the windshield. I was wondering if 45% is to dark, I realized any percent on the windshielf is illegal but i am looking to make it dark enough to look good but light enough as to not draw to much attention. I am also looking to darken my tailights and was wondering what % you guys would recommend.


2. AccessPort from Cobb...easy to use? (seems to be) and is it really worth the 600. I realized it all depends on what you do with the car but in general is it worth it?


3. I was looking to get a legal exhaust with a nice loud sound to it and perhaps a little boost in performane and was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction


4. Clear cornering the headlights...easy?


Like I said im just starting to get to know a lot of this stuff so go easy on the noob =P



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Don't be silly and tint your windshield. Tinting all your windows 20% will give you enough of the "blacked-out gangster pimp" look that I think you crave.

Nobody will be able to see into your car unless they have a flashlight.


Cobb AP is easy to use- plug and play software transfer. Lots of write ups on it. Search in Technical forums.


There are many Exhaust options out there. Search using the word 'exhaust' and you'll find tons of write ups.


Clear corners- huge write up by Rex Mobbin'. Search using 'headlight clearing' and you should find his write up titled 'HEADLIGHT CLEARING (W/PICS). Tons of member feedback on how easy it was, and things to be mindful of when doing it.


And since you're new here, I've cut you a break. But most guys and gals here don't want to re-write something that has been discussed in mega detail.


The Search button and some key words will take you to places you have only dreamed of!:cool:

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Well first of all in cali you can only tint 70% (70% of light must be let in)


But in cali (and most other states) you can have the back windows as dark as you want.


Most states will allow you to have 35% tints in the front but when you drop down to 20% its not THAT much more noticable.


In Texas they even let you tint your front windows 25% =)




By the way does anyone know the legality regarding smoking your tailights?

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First, I have had my tints since April.


If I had a WRX or BMW 3 series, a cop would have pulled me over for them - just like my business partner got pulled every couple of months.


He had a friend with a car exactly like his without the tint, just switched the plates and got the fix it ticket signed-off (it seems the fix it tickets here now cost money - I think he said $45) and kept his tint on.


They still might pull me, but around cops I open my sunroof or roll the window down, and I tend to drive mello - so for now they leave me alone.


A cop pulled right next to me at a light, I didn't notice him first but he didn't seem to care that I have dark tint.


Maybe cause it is a stock looking wagon?


Also, I can swear that over the months, my tint has gotten slightly lighter.


I don't know if this is Brain Disease, Drugs or they are actually fading slightly.


Not 2 worried about it, at worst it is hassel+$45 and another $100 for a lighter tint later.


That's a better deal then what you get with the IRS.

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