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Whiteline ALK vs Group-N LCA bushings.


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So, like any good Legacy owner, my LCA bushings on my 05 GT are starting to fall apart.


I'm stuck between a Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit and Group-N STi bushings. I'm leaning more towards Group-N as poly bushings seem to tend to need lubrication frequently and this is a street car. I already have inner whiteline LCA bushings, and I must add, I make trips down to the smokey mountains to hit up roads, so this car will see that frequently enough, and I really don't mind the increased NHV. I just was wondering what would be better for my application.


My Father has whiteline LCA bushings on his 86 Grand National, I know they're great bushings, but i'm worried about wrecking the bushing by subjecting it to Michigan's wonderful winters.


Any insight would be helpful! Thanks guys!

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Never had an issue with the poly bushings on my car or any customers car (that they reported anyways). I lube mine semi-regularly now, but only very rarely did when I was daily driving a few years back. Between the AVO and WL bushings I have 7-8 years of driving in Massachusetts (5-6 of which were full-time daily driver). No squeaks, no binding, no tears. The AVOs were replaced with WL bushings for the on-car caster adjustment in a new set of control arms.


The key is to not torque them down fully without the weight of the car on the wheels.

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