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Is it supposed to look like this?


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I finally got the Bilstein HD struts and Swift springs installed. I got the entire kit from Fred Beans Parts and the front upper mounts look like this.

The driver's side looks like how it's supposed to, but the passenger side is sunk in. Also on the outside the driver's side is slightly lower than the passenger side.

Two finger gap to the top of the tire on the driver side compared to about a three finger gap on the passenger side.


Is this how it's supposed to be? I've never had a car with suspension mods like this. Even the shop is questioning it.




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^ +1

Underdog is right.


Spec.B mounts are flat, normal GT mounts are raised. You have a standard GT mount on the driver's side and a Spec.B mount on the passenger.


Contact FredBeans, they're usually good about things like this. I'm surprised that this happened honestly.

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