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gen 4 2.5i, new engine needed, what would be the best drop in replacement ?

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Recently I drove my car (MY09 2.5i) when it had a crack in the radiator and it overheated. Because of this stupidity on my part, I believe I have a leaking head gasket now.


The overflow tank fills quickly with coolant and I can't drive more than 10mins without overheating.

Even though the radiator was replaced.


I will do the head gasket job this weekend but I know a diy job won't be reliable.


A new engine will be needed quite soon.


So the question is, what's something easy to bolt in but better than the ej253 that's coming out?


Is a newer (gen V) ej253 my best bet?


Or a newer dohc ej254 with a bit more HP. But what about the ECU, would that be a problem?

Can get a complete one for $1K (2008).


Or is an FA20 a viable option?


Another option is get a cheap ($700) ej20 (2011) with under 10,000Km?


Edit: Another bit of detail, whichever engine it is, I will most likely add a td04 for some boost. Already was running E85 before I had problems with the current engine. I have a TD04 and gt exhaust. Just need a turbo xmember and up pipe. Figure I could do that along with the engine swap.


Thank you

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1. While you have the head(s) off to replace the HG check the block for true along with the head(s), if the block is flat and not your heads then have the head(s) milled, if both are toast then your current setup is your most cost effective and "best" option for a rebuild.

2. The easiest engine to drop in is a EJ253

3. You can use a different engine but youll have to deal with the harness merge and supporting bits not standard on the 07-09 2.5i

4. Boost. I mean at this point say your engine is toast, you "could" go ahead and drop in lower CR pistons, plumb the boost application, add all the supporting bits and tune that is going to cost a pretty penny.

5. A salvaged FA20 will cost about as much as your current car is worth.



Best option is to fix what you got first, then think about boost/turbo car/kit/etc



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^+! to above.

There is no reason a diy hg fix won't be reliable. If you think negative, you'll get negative results.

Follow the fsm, use quality components and enjoy.

If you have not compromised your bearings by continued overheating, you'll be ok.



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