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new rotor recommendations


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So I'm thinking it's going to be time for new rotors on my next brake pad change. I have OEM rotors on 96k on my spec-b and still have life left on set of Hawk HPS pad. Will be doing replacing both pads and rotors when I eventually change it all out, but wondering what rotors to get. Not looking to break the bank. anyone have these:




Or that about the stoptech rotors? Possibly these:




Mainly just street driving haven't ever been on a track with my car, but looking for some opinions on decent rotors at a decent price



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I've been running Napa Ultra Premiums with zero problems. If you get them on their second saturday of each month sale they are like $89, (and I'm abusing the hell out of them on the track with Wilwood calipers)
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Centric Premiums + Hawk HPS are our default replacement setup for almost all subies we've probably installed over 1000 sets of these since 2001.


Let us know if we can send you a set of them as we stock them and would love to help out fellow enthusiasts!


-Mike Paisan



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