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Hello All


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I just wanted to stop by and post as a new member. My wife and I purchased a 06 LGT two weeks ago. our hope is to become active members of the community.. I have loved these cars since the day i set eyes on one. On a side note, do any of you know how hard it is to find a good condition LGT around here? We looked for a month and only had the same 12 cars to look at in a 300 mi radius. We got lucky and one was just turned in at Groove.


I am a 30 yr old ASE certified Master Auto tech. I do have some access to repair procedures and diagnostic procedures if any of you need any help. Also, sometimes on my days off (depending how gracious i feel) i could definitely lend a hand if anyone needs it. I hope to be around here for a very long time to come.


It is bone stock for now, but would like to mod (pending the cfo approval :lol: ).




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Welcome! I got super lucky when I found my car last month, saw it on the Autonation website and managed to snatch it up before anyone else got to it. I can also say I've had my eyes on this car for a long time, so glad to finally pick one up!
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