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Upgrades for 2.5i

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I've been looking around for upgrades for the 2.5i and I just can't seem to find anything concrete besides K&N and a few suspension items and some general cosmetics. If anyone has a previous post of upgrades that are possible for a 2.5i it would be great to see something that I can use to start planning some DIY projects.


Thanks guys!

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I know you don't wanna hear this but these guys are right there are little to no power upgrades for the 2.5i. If you have an 05 you can get some uel headers to achieve that "boxer rumble" but again this doesn't achieve any power. Your better off just investing in some new wheels, maybe some upgraded audio, or just exterior mods to make it look good. Check out this FAQ on 2.5is



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There ARE upgrades, its a matter of how much your willing to spend. The question should be is there any mods WORTH the money. Probably not, but you can always make any thing go fast if you have the cash!


You can make it faster if you have 5-6k. But at that point you should just sell your I and buy a gt!!




Its been done, but like I said $$$ just to get to the stock gt level.


Supercharger FTW!


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